Order and a Prayer Basket

'You know how, at the start of a new year, some people pick out a single word to define their year? A word to guide their decisions and actions. Some sort of a resolution, you might say.

Well, halfway through the year, I found my word. ORDER.

It's not a surprise that it should take me six months to come up with my year's word. After all, I am an "organizationally challenged" person. Applied to me, that's a kind term for "clutter-prone," "scatterbrain," and what-have-you. But I digress. (I do that. All the time.)

I need ORDER in my life because my Creator and Father is a God of ORDER, and I take my cue from Him. If I put ORDER in my life, I show Him how thankful I am that He made me according to His image and likeness. If I put ORDER in my life, I will be able to do what He wills for me. It should not be an overwhelming mission, really, for I have a Mentor to guide me, and it is quite alright for Him that I progress by baby steps (never mind that I am in my late forties), a little at a time, every single day.

So I start with a basket. A pretty woven basket lined with calico. Then I gather the books, notebooks, novenas, and prayer cards that help me in my prayer. I add in a Rosary. I position the basket between my desk supplies caddy amd the math flashcards tray.

I ask God to bless my prayer basket. I ask God to bless me. If I can learn ORDER in my prayers, I can put ORDER in my life, this year and the years to follow.

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