My Week

Moments of Gratitude
I am thankful for
~ a husband who patiently accompanied me to my annual medicals and the good results,
~ children who are quick to forgive each other after they bicker,
~ occasional help from a cleaning lady,
~ the early morning and late afternoon breezes
~ Jenny and the ladies of Suscipio, for their generosity with their time and support for moms and women (I wish I had stumbled on this site earlier.).

Beauty in the Ordinary
It is very difficult to wake up early in the morning and ahead of your children, but it has to be done. It helps me to spiritually prepare for the day ahead, and it gives me a headstart on chores!

In the early morning, my desk looks inviting, my cup of piping hot coffee (courtesy of the husband on a daily basis) tastes so much better than those expensive ones :-), and I feel that I can actually say, "Bring it on!"

From the Kitchen
I haven't baked a decent-looking (and tasting) cake in ages. Which means...that I have to go and try again. Maybe I should start with cakes that can go without frosting. Frostings intimidate me; I can't seem to achieve "spreading consistency." :-(

~ For my country the Philippines and my continent Asia, as inspired by Colleen in her post on the Missionary Rosary with focus on Asia
~ For the victims of super-storm Sandy and those who are suffering because of weather extremes around the world
~ For children who are not having the good childhood that they have a right to
~ For those sad people who have nobody to pray for them

... on starting a Communion of Saints project with Youngest Daughter to commemorate All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day.

~ The Catechism of the Catholic Church, little by little each day during the Year of Faith
~ A Mother's Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot

I am new to this, but yes, the Magnificat is a good piece to start with especially since as Christmas approaches, we remember other significant events like the Visitation.

Isn't nature just so amazing?

This post was originally linked with the Catholic Woman's Almanac, a Monday online linking activity started by Jenny who now blogs at The Littlest Way.

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