Sundays and Mondays

I dread Sundays.

I dread Sundays because they bring Mondays up so close that I feel trapped. And then, suffocated. That's because I dread Mondays, too. Especially Monday mornings. Saturdays are manageable because there is an intervening Sunday, but with Sunday, the inevitable reality of a Monday strikes. Hard. Should I now decide which day I dread more?

It is not a disorder. But it is a worrisome situation, I think.

Thou shalt keep the Sabbath holy. Outside of Sunday Mass and occasional visits to the grandparents, our family is not so much into that. The spirits are definitely willing. But Sunday for us is cramming and panic day. You may or may not know what I mean, depending on your level of focus and organization. Well, over here, the levels are low. On Sundays, we have to catch up with laundry, cleaning the house, completing the homeschool weekly plans, and food shopping. (On many Sundays, some of these do not even get done at all!) I switch to panic mode, get crabby, and metamorphose into the ugly person in my children's and husband's lives. It goes on.

Then comes underrated Monday.

This has to stop.

Almost twenty-three years of married life and four children, you'd think I got things figured out. I hang my head in shame, but I can have another shot, my children will not leave my house as clutter-brains and clueless beings. They will live peaceful and restorative Sundays, and wake up to serene and potentially productive Mondays brimming with energy.

I sat down and re-figured things out.

I can start with a less cluttered desk, right?

This is my desired (not necessarily ideal or perfect) Sunday scenario:

~ Reasonably clean house
~ Wardrobes and linen cabinet cleaned out and restocked
~ Ref and freezer cleaned out and restocked
~ Week's menu prepared and stock available in ref and pantry
~ School work of previous week checked, revised, recorded, and filed (cringe)
~ School work of the following week planned and all teacher preps done

Working backwards from Sunday to midweek, this is how chores should pan out if the desired Sunday scenario is to be achieved:

Here you go: days as rows and area of work (house and school) as columns.

Assumptions: The rest of the chores, like daily pick-ups, dishwashing, mopping the floor, and cleaning-as-you-go are done when they should be done. Schedules of lessons are also followed.

I regarded my obra maestra and was reasonably pleased.

Whew. I will let you know what happens.

Oh, you organized and focused ladies of the world, how do you start the week right?

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