My Week

Joining other ladies at Suscipio for {CWA}.

Moments of Gratitude
Last Saturday, we visited my father-in-law's grave. We said the Holy Rosary there. It was so serene, with the sun setting, the flowers in his grave and the nearby graves still fresh from All Souls' Day, and candles lending some light in the spreading darkness. It was a Communion-of-Saints experience, and I am truly thankful. 

Beauty in the Ordinary
We heard Sunday Mass in an old Dominican Church. As with any old church, the pews are wooden, solid, stable, heavy, and shiny from use and constant wiping. Sometimes you could even smell the wood. If the pews could talk, what stories of the faithful do you think would they tell?

From the Kitchen
No progress in my plan to bake again. I should be more resolute...

~ For children who cannot go to school because of poverty, and for children who go to school but take that blessing for granted.
~ For teachers, that they may treat their students like they are their own children.
~ For my own children, that they may realize that their current duties as students is connected to their vocation later in  life.
~ For people who have nobody to pray for them.

... on a doable cleaning schedule for November so we can decorate a clean house come first week of December! I am so inspired by this focused and organized lady from Clover Lane.

~ The Catechism of the Catholic Church, little by little each day during the Year of Faith. A thought inspired by my readings: I would love to go through each and every footnote in the Catechism,  but I don't have the time or the capacity to understand most of them. But is it not awesome what the plentiful use of these footnotes mean? That the Catechism, Bible, Tradition, and writings of the saints, and papal documents are so tightly threaded together!

A Mother's Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot. A thought inspired by the book: in my quest for an orderly household and family activities, I should never lose sight of the goal. The goal is not order, cleanliness, and efficiency by themselves. The goal is to please God.

The Magnificat.


Saint Joseph making sure that we stay within speed limits

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  1. I love St Joseph watching your speed! Oh if the pews could talk! You are so right. It is a very stable thought to know that we belong to such history: old pews, the Communion of Saints, all the Tradition that flows throughout the history of the Church to make Her who and what She is today.

    1. What a wonderful wrap-up! Thank you for the affirmation. Indeed, we are blessed with such a rich faith.

  2. I love your gratitude and praying section. The cemetery IS a very peaceful place to pray, isn't it? Blessing to you this week, and thank you for posting.

    1. You are right - even if it feels a bit lonely because we miss our dear departed, praying in a cemetery gives one a strong sense of hope and even joy. Thank you for commenting!

  3. I love the St. Joseph statue! That is a wonderful idea.
    God Bless.

    1. It was my husband who placed Saint Joseph there. I don't drive but I am a backseat driver :-(

  4. "For my own children, that they may realize that their current duties as students is connected to their vocation later in life."

    AMEN!! I pray this constantly for our youngest son, DirtBike. His older siblings are all overachiever types, and he struggles so much with school.

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks for sharing! Maybe they just need to get over a hump, and when things are clearer to them, dedication and sense of duty will follow. Let us pray for each other's children and for their peers.

      God bless!


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