My Week

Moments of Gratitude
Over the weekend, Husband, Youngest Daughter, and I went for Confession. It took us a while to get to the church because of heavy road traffic. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, though, because we were able to attend the noonday Mass, which was said in Latin. No, I don't know Latin (my daughter complies with the Latin requirement of her homeschool curriculum, no thanks to me), but Latin Masses are such solemn and peaceful experiences for me.  I followed along with my Order of the Mass, which has English and Latin counterparts in one spread. The readings and the homily were in English.  

Beauty in the Ordinary
I caught the last moments of Sunday's sunset, thanks to Second Daughter. Those moments when the sun is not in sight anymore, but there are still steaks of red-orange bravely interspersed in the dominant grays and dark grays. It was like the sun asserting itself to the darkness and reminding the latter who the the real boss is :-)

From the Kitchen
I baked again after a long time. Actually Youngest Daughter and I baked together, and she was quick to point out that we should sift more than once if the dry mixture is not fine enough to the touch. (I didn't know that.) The outputs of the exercise are called Raisin Somethings because I cannot decide if they are dry scones, fat cookies, or stunted muffins. They are edible, though. And Eldest Daughter said they were delicious. 

~ For people who feel alone even if they are in the middle of people who love them.
~ For people who are lonely even if there is so much to be happy about.
~ For people who try to be cheerful even if there is nothing to be cheerful about. 
~ For people who have nobody to pray for them.

Many a time, I hang the wash and just when I thought I would run out of laundry pegs, there would be just one more left for that last sock. Or, my family  prefers sunny side ups and there would be exactly six eggs left, so I don't have to cook the less-preferred scrambled version. Or, there would be exactly five more sheets of continuous forms fed into the dot matrix printer so I don't have to load more to finish  one short printing job . Coincidence? I think it's God's providence even in the littlest things.  

The Magnificat.

The Raisin Somethings. They look (and taste) better with coffee. 

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  1. Hi Marcia. I'm sure your Raisin Somethings were yummy, lol! We attend the Latin Mass and have for 16 years. It really is beautiful.

    1. Latin Mass for 16 years! What a blessing!

  2. "...God's providence even in the littlest things."
    He is hidden out there, but you have found Him in the ordinary things - absolutely beautiful!!! I'll have to search for Him in that way more often...

    1. Yes, and we will always find Him...


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