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Moments of Gratitude
It had to be the Year of Faith that encouraged me to read more about the Catholic faith and how I may live it more dutifully. 
While browsing in a bookstore one day, I chanced on Catholic Digest. I knew that there is such a publication, but being more of a book reader rather than a magazine reader, I would just skip that section in the bookstore. Well, I am glad that this time, I stayed a while. I bought one old issue and the current issue, and now I am a fan.
For a thin volume, a single issue is teeming with Church teachings, practices and traditions to observe the liturgical year, accounts on the saints for that month and living Catholics persevering to live good lives, and even practical tips on health and homemaking. What a joy to read! How wonderful to know that God guides us everywhere we are, even in the bookstore :-)
(In the Philippines, Catholic Digest is distributed by Bayard Assumption Media.) 

Beauty in the Ordinary
Have you ever stopped to admire the cleanliness and shine of the dining table at the end of post-meal cleanups? How the surface was all messed up a few minutes before, and now it is beautifully empty and clean and ready again for another sharing of blessings amongst family?  

From the Kitchen
For the first time in a long while, I cooked with rice noodles. I just happened to have a packet in my pantry, beans, carrots, bell pepper, and cabbage in the ref, and a little lean pork in the freezer, so I figured why not. I seasoned the dish with fish sauce and pepper, and we ate it with buttered French bread. I guess my family missed rice noodles, too, because we were done with dinner in record time.   

~ For people, especially children, who have to make do with very little food everyday
~ For those who have plenty to nourish their bodies, but take for granted what they have
~ For those who have something to give, may they give generously
~ For myself and moms like me, that we may have the fortitude to carry on with the task of feeding our families well
~ For leaders who are in charge of food security
~ For people who have nobody to pray for them

The hopeful and joyful waiting during Advent. The rejoicing come Christmas. May we wait and rejoice as a family...

~ Catechism of the Catholic Church
~ A Mother's Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot. A quote from the book: "...whenever you refer to your schedule or have a spare moment, lift your heart in a little prayer to him asking for His blessing or help in the coming hour."
~ Tenets for Readers and Reviewers by Harold C. Gardiner, S.J.

The Magnificat still. Getting there :-) Check out how I am doing it in this post. 

This is Youngest Daughter's dog. He turns two today. That's his serious look.

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