{pretty, happy, funny, real}: As a Matter of Course

round button chicken
... is a broom in floral skirt. 


I  sewed the skirt following Husband's oral instructions based on his recollection of how his grandmother used to do it. 

The skirt is supposed to keep the fibers together thereby lengthening the useful lifespan of the broom. Also makes the otherwise ho-hum chore of sweeping more attractive. 

I think the broom skirt is pretty for its inter-generational value. I am so into younger generations learning from older generations -- about how they lived, what they thought about, and how they managed to live simply but meaningfully. 

... is how I deliriously get 
when I see the bottom of the laundry basket. 

... is how I choose to regard this situation:

Youngest Daughter and I start the day with something like this on our plate.

When I think that she is getting on well, I tell her to continue with the lessons by herself while I hang the wash. I come back after less than half an hour, and this is what I see.

In an environment of a boxed curriculum and timetables (an environment that I am very comfortable with), this situation strikes me as funny but finally sinks in as un-funny. But my daughter is happy AND still learning, so I give her some room for interest-led learning. I tell myself that more regimented learning can wait until junior high (hopefully earlier?). 

... is as real can get when after a pleasant and restful day 
with the grandparents and cousins, 
we have to return to the city and its own kinds of salt mines. 
And not even the unusually blue skies can change that. 
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  1. Tried, but failed to leave comment a day or two ago...I'm just not that saavy with these things. :o) Anyways, I think I've figured it out. Just wanted to say: I so enjoy your blog!

    1. Thank you so much! That was most encouraging!


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