Seven Quick Takes Friday: Seven Times Seven

--- 1 ---
7 Good Practices I Wish to See Around Our House

The notorious remote controls

1. Cleaning as one goes (I can actually stop here.)
2. Putting things back where one got them, assuming that one found them in the correct place
3. Throwing the right items into the right hamper.
4. Not bringing the (mischievous) dog inside the house too often
5. Refilling the nearly empty water jug before putting it back in the ref
6. Reshelving books, because they can't climb back to the shelves by themselves
7. Not bringing the (mischievous) dog inside the house too often (What? That was number 4?)

--- 2 ---
7 Things that I Should Do Everyday, 
Even if They are the Only Ones that I End Up Doing that Day

At the beginning of the day, during the day, and at its end

1. Pray. 
2. Take care of my mind and my body.
3. Feed, clothe, and take care of my family. 
4. Email/ write/ text one other loved one.  
5. Say one kind word.
6. Smile.
7. Review how the day went.

--- 3 ---
7 Homeschooling Lessons that I Learned the Hard Way :-(

The incredulous look 

1. Don't bring school home. (I forgot why I brought the kids home in the first place.)
2. It is more important to be your children's friend than their stern taskmaster.
3. There is no such thing as a fits-all curriculum.
4. A curriculum is only a bunch of papers. It needs a living, loving, and laughing teacher.
5. Pencils have a life of their own. Be sure you know their hiding places in your house.
6. There are good days, bad days, and very bad days. On the very bad days, call off school and watch a movie together.
7. Remember to teach your children a bit of power-dressing before they go to college.

--- 4 ---
My 7 Unheralded Homeschooling "Resources"

Making life easier
1. Hanging folders and magazine fileboxes (Folders and thin books don't have the spines that human beings and thicker books have.)
2. Bins and baskets, for sorting books, art supplies, and what-nots
3. Purple-inked ballpens, because purple ink is less intimidating than red ink. (What do you think?) 
4. Answering machine. (Even homeschooling moms need to teach in blocks of time.)
5. A good printer. (A lousy one can drive me to self-pity.)
6. My very own desk
7. Coffee

--- 5 ---
7 Things that I Want My Children to Have
When They Set Out for the World

Take our love with you.

1. Deep love for and healthy fear of God
2. Kindness for their neighbor
3. Simplicity and industry (They are a pair, as my own father's life has taught me.)
4. Fortitude and stout hearts (Also a pair, as my own experience has taught me)
5. Honesty
6. Humor
7. Respectable homemaking skills (Only Son included)

--- 6 ---
My 7 Certainties as a Mother

Blessed are you among women.
1. If I sincerely seek God, I will be sure to find Him.
2. The Blessed Mother is my coach.
3. I am not alone. My husband is also a parent.
4. A mother loves too much all the time.
5. Good food, good books, good play: these will never fail.
6. I may have to be the occasional ugly person in my children's lives, but it will pay out.
7. All my kids will be out of the house by 2023, give or take a couple of years (yes, I did the math).

--- 7 ---
7 Things that I Want My Children to Remember about Me 
When I am Gone

My baby is now in college.

1. That I loved them,
2. that I loved them,
3. that I loved them,
4. that I loved them,
5. that I loved them,
6. that I loved them, and most especially,
7. that I loved them. 

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