A Late but Blessed Start; A Prayer Request

O Emmanuel, our king and lawgiver,
hope and salvation of the peoples;
come to save us,
O Lord our God. 

According to Pope Benedict XVI's Urbi et Orbi of Christmas 2011 (which I initially found in the current issue of Living with Christ), the above was an invocation to Christ in an ancient liturgical antiphon.  

Like the people of the Old Testament, we wait, because salvation is in God who sent us His only-begotten Son. And in the midst of the attempts of today's world to convince us otherwise, we try to be steadfast. 

The Urbi et Orbi repeatedly states our cry:

Veni ad salvandum nos!
- Come to save us!

Our family lighted our first Advent candle one day late, principally because I was a bit disorganized...

Using a guide and taking turns, we read the day's readings and prayers for intercession. After the readings, I invited the children to stay and say the Rosary with their father and me. And they all stayed, even that one who I wasn't so sure would stay! The gesture definitely warmed this mother's heart. I am hoping for a daily repeat of this pleasant surprise :-)

Finally, may I ask for the reader's prayers for the typhoon victims in southern Philippines. In the Pope's Urbi et Orbi of Christmas 2011, he also asked for prayers for, among others, flood victims in the Philippines. Part of the country is in a similar situation again, and we do ask for your prayers. (My family resides in the northern part of the country, so we are safe and in a much better condition.) Thank you in advance for your prayers...

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