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Moments of Gratitude
I am grateful for the constant reminders that Advent is not yet Christmas. Jenny uses the term "mini-Lent", and I am so thankful for that prompt; it gives me a motto for this Season. Just as the people of the Old Testament awaited for the birth of the Savior, so must I do my share of prayerful and quiet waiting, guided by a spirit of repentance and thankfulness and an expectant faith. It is sad that consumerism has turned Advent and Christmas into such a frenzied but meaningless festivity. 

Beauty in the Ordinary
I love Advent wreaths. Dried leaves and barks, four candles, maybe a few ribbons, and there you have it -- a quiet but powerful companion for your family's Advent journey.   

From the Kitchen
Who wants to eat overripe bananas? No one around here. No use wasting them either. That's why banana loaves and banana bread and banana cakes and banana muffins were invented!

~ For families who cannot be together during the Advent and Christmas Season
~ For families who have to go hungry from day to day to day
~ For old and lonely people in want of company during the Advent and Christmas Season
~ For people who have nobody to pray for them

... on how nice it would be to give some homemade gifts this Christmas, like reusable shopping bags and cookies. Nothing fancy, but definitely products of my heart and hands. 

~ Catechism of the Catholic Church
~ A Mother's Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot
~ Tenets for Readers and Reviewers by Harold C. Gardiner, S.J.

The Magnificat still. Close to it. Check out how I am doing it in this post. 

The banana loaves. 

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