Greeting Cards Revisited

I am doing something brave this year.

I am sending out Christmas greeting cards. Yes, the hard copy.

I am sitting down and writing down by hand my family's greetings to friends. Plus a paragraph or two that very specifically talk to them. I will write their names and addresses on the envelopes, then bring the envelopes to the post office. I will buy stamps and and stick them on the envelopes. I will drop the stamped envelopes in the big mailbox.

The whole routine.

Don't get me wrong; I do not at all think that emails or Facebook PMs are inferior or less sincere. I've done those for years. I've even sent hurriedly composed text messages on Christmas evenings! But the traditional greeting card with a stamp on the envelope -- ah, there is something graceful and especially warm about that.

Just to get myself started, I dug up a basket,

sewed the edges of a Christmas-sy square fabric,

and put them together.

It does look like a bread basket, doesn't it?
I would have loved to sew a fitted lining,
but I have to use my time writing rather than sewing :-)
I gathered my cards,

and put them in the card basket.

There. Now I write.


  1. I am a big fan of Christmas cards, too...I tuck in a little prayer with each and send them on their way.
    Your basket can be multi-purpose; the best kind! After your writing, get to baking. ;o)

  2. That's right! Why waste the momentum (and the basket)? Thanks for keeping in touch!


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