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"When I get a little money, I buy books.
and if any is left, I buy food and clothes."
- Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus
I am a fan of the Golden Books. They are very few Golden Book titles that didn't quite capture my fancy. I bought my children's first Golden Book long before I was pregnant with my firstborn. When Eldest Daughter finally came around, and asked to be read to at odd times of the day, Golden Books were my friends because they were short but fascinated children and made them smile. 

Over the years, I would give away some of of our Golden Books (to a public school library, for example), but there would always be the urge to replenish when I see them in book sales. Nobody, but nobody, is too old for picture books! 

The point being that, we now have a small collection of Golden Books that I want kept together. Youngest Daughter still reviews them, after all. And well, you know, I do dream of being a grandma someday. 

A (seemingly unrelated) point is that I cringe every time I have to throw away (even as recyclables) perfectly good packaging.
So I made this...

...and this.

Those are pretty! I guess I can make the boxes prettier by wrapping them with gift wrappers or scrapbooking paper, but for now, they are pretty enough :-) 

I am also a fan of totes, floral prints, and good books. Which makes me a fan of floral design book totes with good books in them. Yup, there are a few things in life that can make me equally happy.

Consider this:

That sight makes me happy
This is from Youngest Daughter's treasured collection of books. 

I guess you can tell that she loves dogs. 

There is nothing funny about that, I guess, except when you consider that she is more diligent with these books (keeping and reading them) than with her textbooks. We have actually been missing her reading textbook for a couple of months now, and she does not seem to mind! I choose to consider that funny :-) 

I have replaced the reading textbook with other books just so we can move on. Ah, the flexibility of homeschooling...


Yup, that's what I tell my kids. You don't read 'em, you don't get to college. How real is that?

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  1. I just love how you display your books; We have a (very small) collection of Golden Books, too (still). My youngest is 9, but we can't seem to give them up...I think we'll keep them around for a long while; you never know when a friend or family might visit with little ones..or yes; if ever blessed to be a grandma.
    Your tote bag is lovely!


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