Seven Quick Takes Friday: On the Fifth Day of Christmas

Or, 7 Quick Takes, the day after Friday...

--- 1 ---

On this fifth day of Christmas, I am trying to imagine what it was like for the Holy Family when the Child Jesus was five days old. We look at a Nativity set and see a stable, but unless we consciously set our imagination to work, the implications of being born in a stable is difficult to fully reckon. The dirt, the stench, the lack of a comfortable bed, the cold...

I am guessing that one of the shepherds offered a woolen blanket, and that helped especially the Newborn Babe. And they must have offered food for the Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph, who were surely hungry from the long travel. So many things that we take for granted, and there was the Holy Family who deserved royal treatment but did not even dream of asking for it.

Do you see the tiny bird perched on the grill?

I remember a song that we sang in kindergarten, "Away in a manger, no crib for His bed..."

--- 2 ---

On this fifth day of Christmas, I am thankful for Christmas Day that we spent with family. Christmas Eve and Christmas morning were spent with Husband's family home, where we shared the traditional midnight meal and prayed the Rosary together . The grandchildren spent quite some time in a jam session that was a pleasant surprise for us oldies. I will now regard bands with enlightened eyes (and ears!). Early Christmas morning, we heard Mass together and visited the grave of my father-in-law.

Before we went to my parents' house, we celebrated Second Daughter's birthday in a restaurant of her choice. Yes, I also had a baby several Christmases ago, and I consider that one of my most treasured blessings.

My Christmas baby

Over at my parents' house, we shared Christmas dinner. As usual, the oldies stayed at the dining table long after what was left of dinner had gone cold, and caught up with each other's goings-on. The grandchildren were busy learning a new video game courtesy of an indulgent loving uncle. How I wish it was a board game instead. Maybe next year...  

--- 3 ---

On this fifth day of Christmas, I am thankful for time spent with friends over the holidays. When the world was young, we were thrown together by force of circumstance, but we stayed together by choice. When it was time to live our individual lives in separate ways, we wove in and out of each other's lives.

The other evening, we shared dinner again, after many, many years. By this time, we had collectively experienced the gamut of human experiences -- the very happy ones and the very sad, too. But on that evening, we were together again, and the intervening years seemed non-existent.

"Make new friends, but keep the old. Those are silver are silver, these are gold." ~ Joseph Parry

--- 4 ---

On this fifth day of Christmas, the house is very quiet. Husband and I are alone because the children wanted to spend more time with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins (and the video game). And we allowed them. Yes, sans the usual long negotiations.

I don't remember ever doing this before. I must be finally evolving into a more trusting mom and getting the drift of the letting-go thing that every parent goes through at inevitable points in their children's lives. Or my kids have matured into individuals whose independence and integrity I can trust. Or both. Yes, must be both.

 --- 5 ---

On this fifth day of Christmas, I am thankful that my children left their rooms in reasonably good conditions. Which means that there are no soiled clothes on the floor, the beds are made or semi-made (be thankful for small mercies), and their desks look, well, "studied in." They even did "cosmetic cleaning" (our term for a clean-as-fast-as-you-can-hide-the-clutter-just-make-the-place-look-clean-on-the-surface) in the common areas!

--- 6 ---

On this fifth day of Christmas, I am starting to carefully work on doable plans for 2013. There are three things that I am sure I want to do. First, I want our family to live the liturgical year more deliberately. Second, I want us to have more outdoor activities. Finally, I want all of us to read more good books outside those required in school.

Now, those are not too ambitious, are they?

To live the liturgical year...

--- 7 ---

On this fifth day of Christmas, I decided on my word for 2013. It is SOLITUDE 

How are the days of your Christmas coming along?
May they continue to be merry and happy!  

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  1. What a wonderful Christmas blessing...your Christmas baby.

  2. Truly wonderful! I am still in awe every time I think about it. God bless your days!


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