My Week

Moments of Gratitude
~ A husband who brings me coffee every single morning, even on days when he has an 8 a.m. breakfast meeting
~ Children who can be convinced to make sandwiches for everyone at lunch 
~ Children who clean the house without being told just when their mother is about to pity myself :-(
~ A block of time to clean the ref
~ Leisurely taken Sunday lunch with family, because that is what Sundays are for 
Beauty in the Ordinary
Have you ever gone around your house with a small plastic bin, in search of missing pencils and other writing instruments? (We are not even talking Lego blocks yet.) Well, I have, a good number of times. And each time, I get a sizeable harvest. 
I guess I could always go theatrical, call an urgent family meeting, and start lecturing on orderliness, responsibility over material possessions, and due regard for MY efforts at keeping the house together. I could even throw in sanctions for erring pencil owners and uncooperative artists-in-the-making. 
Then I see the pencils neatly laid in the bin, all together now and looking like well-behaved children... and I change my mind. I take the pencils back to their proper location and arrange them in an orderly manner, as I hope the children would learn to keep them, maybe later and on their own, seeing how pretty they are that way and how it pleases their mother.       
It's amazing how the sight of things simple but beautiful can calm a brewing storm :-)  

Pondering and Praying
You know the feeling. 
One day, you are confident that you have the correct advice and solutions for every problem your child can ever meet in her life. And then the next day, you realize that all you can do is to say a few clumsy -- but hopefully, comforting -- words, make her dinner, iron her clothes for the next day, and... pray.
Because it is almost as if she has her own life now (maybe she always have) and has to deal with problems on her own. And all you can do is to let her know that you are just in the next room and and hope that she will fare well because you did teach her a thing or two, right? And then you pray, again.  

Captured (or maybe not)
She used to smile readily for my camera.
Now she covers her face :-(
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  1. Good morning Marcia. Lovely almanac. I don't wander the house in search of pencils around here it is hair twisties!

  2. oh yeah! writing utensils! they are all over my house as well (and you are right, contemplating the legos everywhere is just too depressing for a Monday morning)

    blessings for a wonderful day

  3. Marcia...My boys have been gone a while now, and I'm still finding Lego's around the house. : )
    Love your Almanac +

  4. I also love having coffee brought to me in the morning!

    I've been thinking about Sunday Dinner lately...I agree...it's part of what Sunday's are for. <3

  5. Oh, our pencils are always going missing, along with the scissors and the stapler. I tell my kids that I'm going to get some of chains and attach them to the desk!

    And yes, all you can do with your children is let them go and pray a lot! I'm learning a lot of that now that both of my daughters are now young adults.

  6. Thanks so much for your wonderful and thoughtful comments, ladies! Now I feel somewhat less crazy about those pencils (and Legos and hair accessories and other what-nots). And here's to meaningful family meals and prayers straight from a our mommy hearts. God bless you all...

  7. Many years ago I bought my children personalized pencils, thinking this would cut down on the "pencil problems"...now it's pens and... :o)


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