'You know how it is when at the end of the year, your heart is overflowing with gratitude for the blessings received that year, then at the start of the following year (which could actually be just the following day), you are overwhelmed with how you are supposed to start the year on the right foot and start delivering on your goals?

That was how I felt a few days ago when 2013 nudged away 2012.

The clean house, the laid-out lesson plans, and the pre-cooked meals. They were not happening.

Then Eldest Daughter and Husband (the three other kids were still vacationing with their uncle's family) started decluttering and putting away and arranging and cleaning, and without my prompting, too! And in less than a day, the house was reasonably clean. Not immaculately and design magazine-clean, but clean in a good-enough and welcoming and cozy way. Clean enough to inspire me to continue with whatever cleaning chore was left to be done. Clean enough to inspire me to sit down and start charting out the elusive lesson plans. Clean enough to inspire me to start an inventory of the ref and the pantry.

Maybe that is how God works. He will not actually send down angels to do the tough tasks for us. But He will work through people, the way He did through Eldest Daughter and Husband, to inspire and energize and reassure us just enough so that we can start doing what He wants us to do. Then as we plod along, we know that He would be there, too.

That is my first moment of grace this year. I know there will be more.

Here's to a grace-filled year, everyone.

This was originally written for Moments of Grace, a Friday linking activity at Jenny's Suscipio. She now blogs at The Littlest Way.


  1. Oh how I know that *overwhelmed* feeling; I still need to (seriously) sit down and write out my resolutions, plans and goals.
    God's continued grace to your days...

  2. ... and to your days, too! Thank you for the continued support. Let's live each day as fully as we can, with or without plans (preferably with...)


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