My Week

Praying and Liturgical Living
~ Trying to be faithful to praying the Way of the Cross during the Fridays of Lent
~ Choosing Saint Josemaria's manner of praying the Way of the Cross, i.e., imagining one's self to be present in the very site of each station, actually witnessing each event, and making a firm resolution at the end of each station
~ Resolving to contemplate more deeply the Sorrowful Mysteries

Around the House
~ Concentrating on decluttering and rearranging the kitchen this month, with the end of producing better-tasting and healthier meals and making meal preparation more efficient and enjoyable (whew, that's a tall, tall order, but I will try!)

Looking Ahead
~ To cutting down my commitments outside homeschooling and attending to my family's needs, so that we can live Lent more fully


So much material to contemplate on from this altar

This post was originally linked with the Catholic Woman's Almanac, a Monday online linking activity started by Jenny who now blogs at The Littlest Way.


  1. What a gorgeous, fascinating altar, Marcia! The stained glass is amazingly brilliant and detailed! Oh, how I love stained glass.

    Your prayer resolutions are beautiful. Thank you for sharing St. Josemaria's way of the cross. It meshes well with my preferred methods of prayer.

    I am happy I stopped by! Enjoy your week!

    1. I'm glad the post helped, somehow, Jeannine. Saint Josemaria's prayers and writings have been very helpful to my prayers and my vocation as wife and mom. He taught about sanctifying ordinary life; years after I learned of it from him, I am still amazed. Have a good week, too!

  2. Marcia...Being faithful to praying the Way of the Cross on Fridays is one of my goals during Lent, too.
    Praying you live the fullness you desire this
    Lent. +

  3. Thank you for the affirmation, Caroline. I will be praying for your intentions when I do the Way of the Cross this Lenten Season. Have a good week!

  4. Beautiful picture! You are correct so much to ponder!

    I am also contemplating the Sorrowful Mysteries for Lent.

    1. This Lent, I will try to find something new in every Sorrowful Mystery. God's love is so immense! Thanks for dropping by :-)


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