My Week

Moments of Gratitude
~ Friends you can have lunch with on short notice. And the good lunch and cake and coffee. Even moms need recharging, right :-)
~ My sister who takes my daughter to a concert (strings and voice, the "elegant type", as Second Daughter puts it), my niece who dresses up her cousin and joins her in the cultural experience, and my brother who drives them to the venue and brings them back home. (Where was I in all these? Long story of lack of organization...)  
~ Reasonably priced and healthy take-out meals (Can you tell that there is some kitchen crisis going on?)
~ Only Son's guardian angel who, I do believe, hangs around in the midst of rough play to protect his ward (Thank you so much, dear Guardian Angel. Believe me, he has learned his lesson.) 
Beauty in the Ordinary
~ Old, worn-out, and you-would-not-part-with shirts that are the best workclothes
~ An empty dish drainer at the end of the day (aw, okay, most days...)
~ An empty February calendar waiting to be filled in
~ Last year's dried-out Palm Sunday branch waiting to be delivered to the parish office for this year's Ash Wednesday
~ For all the intentions of my family and friends, especially intentions for better relationships
~ For the forgotten and uncared for in society
~ For those who have nobody to pray for them
Liturgical Living
Is there such a thing as being excited over Lent? 
I just so want to do it rightly and fully this year, especially on getting my children on board. I am hoping to get them to keep a Lenten journal each. I am still gathering ideas from the books we have around the house. 'Have to get it done quickly, though. Can you believe that Ash Wednesday's next week?!

~ The Story of A Soul
~ Catechism of the Catholic Church, for the Year of Faith


A welcome patch of nature in the city

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  1. We often joke we wonder what the kids guardian angels must look like at the end of the day! Glad to know your sons was on duty, lol!

    1. Guardian angels never get breaks, do they? Truly Heaven-sent!

  2. You can TOTALLY be excited about Lent! I am this year. :) The older I get the more I look forward to Lent, to the needing of Lent.

    1. Thank you for the affirmation, Emily!


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