A Miscellany to be Thankful for

~ The cooler weather, just when I thought that the dry season had come too soon

~ Time to work on clothes repair/ resizing for the children

~ Time to give the ref a good and thorough cleaning. I had thought that I needed a new one; no siree, I don't!

~ Old and reliable walking shoes

~ Coffee (for me)/ hot chocolate (for him)-and-doughnut breakfast with the hubby

~ A daughter who makes the effort to memorize answers to catechism questions even if she clearly does not feel like it

~ An elder sister who is very willing to help her younger sister to dress up prettily  

~ Silence, chatter, or music at the specific times that I need each of them

~ The mere act of waking up to a new day

~ The mere act of calling a day done and being thankful for it

This was originally written for Moments of Grace, a Friday linking activity at Jenny's Suscipio. She now blogs at The Littlest Way.

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  1. Ahhh. Your list has so many good and simple things to ponder and be thankful for...I will refocus my thoughts to "see" the graces that surround me, too.


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