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round button chicken

I estimate that I started using a cellphone after more than three-fourths of the current cellphone-toting population of the world acquired theirs (long story of resistance). At present, outside of texting and making calls, the rest of my phone's functions are under-utilized, the camera included.

Well, you know how children are these days (mine included); they get their hands on a gizmo and the next minute, they have it running. So today, I share with you photos I found in my cellphone camera. I am assuming that my children took them :-)    


Here are samples of Youngest Daughter's "coin art": a dog and the Philippine map.


These are some of the things that make my children happy: basketball (Second Daughter), toy cars (Only Son), and dragons (Youngest Daughter).  



In this house, you leave any size of box lying around, and my children will quickly find a use for it.  


I guess Youngest Daughter got tired with other distractions, and busied herself with a distraction acceptable to her mom -- writing her own stories. 

Do your kids also take over your cellphone cameras occasionally?
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  1. Oh my! This post is indeed PRETTY, HAPPY, FUNNY and REAL! And YES, I've sub-nicknamed my youngest "the hacker", because she is always grabbing my phone to use the camera, etc (I became angry at her once for moving my icons around...couldn't figure out what was different, but it set this simple-minded mom back). And I always go to her older sister to "figure this out" and then tutor me! I, too, have WAY under-utilized all my phone features (still figuring out the computer/blog thing - for goodness sake!) :o)
    Always enjoy reading your post...have a wonderful week!

  2. And I always enjoy hearing from you! Isn't it nice that we can ask our kids to "figure things out" for us? Who says that we have to supermoms?! You have a good week, too, and God bless :-)


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