While Praying for the Conclave, Consider Adopting a Cardinal

No matter how scattered around the globe the more than one billion Catholics are, we can still be united in prayer and sacrifices as our cardinals perform the most difficult task of choosing a new pope.

And while we pray that the Holy Spirit guide the entire conclave -- each and very cardinal -- we might consider adding in a token gesture of praying for a particular cardinal, for his health, well-being, and wisdom in his personal discernment that would be his contribution to the collective discernment of the conclave.

I adopted myself a cardinal for the duration of the conclave.

His name is Cardinal Angelo Comastri.
He was born in Italy on September 17, 1943.
He has been a Cardinal since November 24, 2007.
He is the Archpriest of Saint Peter's Basilica, Vicar General for the Vatican City State, and President of the Fabric of Saint Peter. (I'm going to have to research all those terms later...)

Let's get into this routine of praying and offering sacrifices for the papal conclave, for each and every one of the cardinals, and for an adopted cardinal, if you so please.

This is how you adopt a cardinal.

And let us not forget to continue loving, thanking God for, and praying for Pope Benedict XVI.


  1. So beautifully & eloquently put!
    I am, united in prayer.

  2. Thanks again for sharing the beautiful idea of adopting a cardinal. Yes, we are all united in prayer.

  3. Hi Marcia! You have such a beautiful blog with a wealth of information, and quite interesting too. Keep up the good work. I'll keep posted.


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