My Week

Moments of Gratitude
The last time I checked, we live fifteen degrees north of the equator. And for some (scientific, I am sure), reason, Holy Week is situated in the hottest season of the year. Did I say humid, too? A case in point. Right now, it is 5:35 in the afternoon. I sit in front of the computer feeling rather cool. I check the weather stats and I learn that my "cool" is 32 degrees Celsius and we are at 51 percent humidity.   
The point being that... it was hotter and more humid last week, which was Holy Week. And attending the Triduum did not appeal all that much to me. Husband was bent on going, though. And for some reason, I pulled out my dusty Sunday Missal, which I haven't used in a while, and took special interest in it. And two weeks before -- seemingly, on a whim because I haven't owned one in years -- I bought myself an anahaw fan, trusty-looking and tightly woven. (In the Philippines, it is customary for churchgoers to bring with them an anahaw fan or a Spanish fan.) And Husband did all the cooking starting Holy Wednesday, so housework was not so heavy for me. And, as shameful as it sounds, I just simply ran out reasons to miss the Triduum.  
So we went. On Thursday. Then on Friday. And finally for the very long Easter Vigil on Saturday. 
The great lesson of my Holy Week? God does not give up on me. Which is really what Holy Week and salvation history is all about, is it not? 

Pondering and Praying
Is there really a very thin line between closely guiding your children in their decisions (fashion, entertainment, friends, academic choices) and insisting on running their lives for them?
If I overdo it, they might turn out wimpy and unable to decide and fend for themselves as adults. If I under-do it, they might turn out wimpy and unable to decide and fend for themselves as adults. But I cannot not do anything. "Passive" is never an adjective that sits well with the noun "parents".  
Saint Monica prayed.Surely, so did my own mother, my mother-in-law, and countless other mothers. Just as surely, too, the graces came.  

Is it just in my house, or is it the same elsewhere that the mending basket and the laundry hamper are frequently in the same condition? Both are never empty! 
Every time I have to do mending work, I am a bit sad that creative sewing takes a back seat. Every time I do creative sewing, I feel a little guilty because utilitarian sewing, aka mending, piles up. The sewing lady's dilemma, I call it. I guess the remedy is to sit back, enjoy, and keep on stitchin'!  

Nowhere! Yet. 
But the beach beckons! Barbecue parties, too! And maybe, the mountain city?
This must must be the unspoken question in my children's minds: What are we waiting for??!!

Eager to be at pace with the wonderful themes and readings set for 2013 but not as organized in making sure that I have the right book on my desk at the right month, I am settling down with the fact that I cannot read "Practice of the Presence of God" this month. But... because I was not able to read February's book either (for the same reason), I decided to read "Hallowed Be This House" by Thomas Howard for April. Did I confuse you?   

An Act of Spiritual Communion by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Wandering Around the Web and Liturgical Living
I'm sticking to one website for cooking and baking ideas for the Easter Season: Catholic Cuisine. So much information, so many suggestions! 
I will, of course, focus on Easter-Pentecost, April, and May. I will try not to be overwhelmed and realistically assess what I am capable of doing :-) 

Around the House
'You know how it is when you know you have to work on a project with long-term benefits, but everyday upkeep gets in the way? It happens to me. All. the. time. 
This time around, the project comes by the fancy name of "book classification and re-shelving". (That is assuming that there will be enough shelves, of course.) I am consoling myself by insisting that this is 
a common problem (or concern, if I want to be mild about it) among homeschooling families. Still, I am not about to take a photo of our bookshelves; you see, I don't want you to get so turned off and stop reading my blog :-).
I am writing about it here because it is a way of holding myself down to the task. I am in the process of preparing for the next school year, and homeschooling experience has taught me this: you don't see it, you don't use it. True for art supplies, true for sports equipment, true for books.   

Looking Ahead
But looking ahead to the next school year, I definitely am. Just now, I made the decision that this year, I am choosing (begging, actually) Saint Jude Thaddeus to be the patron saint of our school year, not just for the homeschool but also for Eldest Daughter who is in college and Only Son who started attending "regular" school this year. I am seeking his intercession especially in the areas of planning and recordkeeping :-).  

This beautiful plant grows in a pot by the front door of my parents' house. It's a kind of bromeliad, according to my sister who took the photo. 
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  1. What a beautiful plant.
    Where do you live? We too went to the Triduum. It was warm here, but not too humid. The Vigal Mass is a long evening for my 9 year old, but he did well. I am glad you went!
    The beach sounds wonderful.
    Thank you for praying for us. I cherish prayers from every direction. It is so comforting!
    I enjoyed your post.

    1. Hi, Emily. Thanks for commenting! I have to admire your 9yo; even some adults may find it difficult to stay up through the Vigil :-). Let us continue supporting each other with our prayers. Easter is such a beautiful season. May the Risen Christ fill your life with blessings!

  2. That is a beautiful plant photo!

    Book classification and re-shelving sounds like something that needs to happen in this house too!

    1. This book classification project is actually keeping me awake at night :-) Maybe it's sign that I have to step on it! So what do you think? Let's do it before the next school year starts? Easter blessings to you and yours!

  3. What a wonderful almanac. I can totally relate to you about those bookshelves. I would love to have organized and tidy shelves but that would require me to either get rid of some books (NEVER) or get more shelves (no more room)so since neither can happen, a mess they sit :) Good luck with your project!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! It is just so hard to dispose of books, isn't it? These days, my excuse is that I look forward to being a grandmother someday and grandmas have to read to the little ones, right :-) So here's to family libraries everywhere! Have a good Easter Season!

  4. oh! cleaning and organizing, my two favorite things! I am a MAJOR bibliophile! Good luck on the book classification project!


  5. Thanks, Karen! I bet I can learn a lot from you and your kind :-) Have a good Easter Season!

  6. Your reading choice looks wonderful! I don't believe I have any of Thomas Howard's books, and reading the description of Hallowed Be This House is of great (need) interest for me...I think I may join you!
    btw - gorgeous flower!

    1. Yes, please do join me in reading "Hallowed Be This House"! I am only in the second section but a whole new way of regarding the home, housework, and family life is opening before me. It's a blessing of a book!

    2. OK, Marcia, I just ordered it...I will need to *catch up*; looking forward to reading!

    3. That's great! Looking forward to comparing notes with you.


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