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One of the nicest things about decluttering is that you do not only get to throw away useless stuff you should have thrown away years ago, but you also get reunited with useful stuff.

I call the useful stuff, "finds."

And this Thursday, I share with you some of my decluttering finds.


Missing or not, found or not, stickies are some of my favorite office supplies because, well, they are pretty. I particularly like those little thin stickies that you mark lines on a page with and do not actually write on. Yup, those ones on the upper right of the photo. 

The other stickies in the photo are not really finds. I got them from the second drawer of my filing cabinet (I can be organized, too) as photo companions for the found stickies.   



When you are trying to add a long list of prices and you can't find your trusty pocket calculator, you can get really unhappy

So imagine my happy-ness when I found my guy after many months of making do with the computer's calculator. Why did I not use a spreadsheet instead? I wonder why, too.

Making the tie for the happy find are picture frames from happy times in the distant past. The picture frame on top has me and my maternal grandmother posing for my father's heavy camera some time in the sixties. 


Sometimes when you cannot find an item that you need, the spirit of innovation prompts you to look for or fashion a substitute. The edge of a folder for a foot ruler is an easy example. 

What if you are missing a protractor and/or a compass and your child's math exercises for the entire week need a protractor and/or a compass? You command a total house search. With futile results, you either hurriedly find math exercises that don't require a protractor and/or a compass or you hurriedly take that unscheduled trip to the book store and make an unplanned expense on a protractor and/or a compass. 

So, is it not funny when you actually find those precious tools and you don't need them anymore? Yup, I don't find it funny either. This is a forced rhyme. 

Only the protractor is on the photo because the compass has gone missing again. The canary/ penguin/ strange bird beside the protractor is a photo companion. It was never missing, and it is not about to be a decluttering casualty if Second Daughter can help it. 



I must have mentioned once or twice in this blog that writing and coloring instruments can actually will themselves out of the study desks where your children need them. I can go around the house toting a small and narrow bin and before it is time for lunch, I have already filled 'er up. 

Not the most efficient way of keeping things together, but hey, I still got them all together in one bin, right? That is a real feat.  


Around here, we are always grateful for small mercies. 

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