Remembering Why

When we make life-changing commitments, it always helps to remember our reasons for doing so. There will be days when our commitments will be sorely tested and unless we can pluck out from the tops of our heads why we are into these commitments, we just might find ourselves being swayed and distracted.

One of the reasons why Husband and I homeschooled our children was that we felt that society was fast-tracking our youth to adulthood.

Many cooks will tell you that excellent food is the product of long hours of slow, unhurried cooking. If we can be choosy about the way our food is cooked, should we not be as particular with the way our children are raised?

Wherever does it say that just because they are 16, it is time for the junior-senior prom and they can go ahead and dance with people that they don't know at all? Why should they finish college and find a job as close to the legal age as possible just so they can move out of the old folks' home and "do their thing"?

Why are our children being forced to blind conformity, to behave in a certain way because the herd does so?  Why should they wear deliberately undersized and skimpy clothes just because those are billboard fare? Why should they call bands that produce everything else but music, "cool"?

Our children are not cattle to be herded here and there and just about anywhere. They are people with souls.

Why could children not stay a while and be children longer and be nurtured some more? The home is the most natural learning environment. No human beings could possibly love a child more than his parents. A mother can recognize the cry of her child a mile away. In like manner, parental instinct, Divinely guided, can direct parents to their children's strengths, weaknesses, and needs. And family love will make sure, as no other can, that those needs will be met.

And when our children's sense of self have naturally emerged and they are surer of themselves, they can go forth and and be truly responsible and productive members of society.

Society did not give birth to my children. Husband and I did. We will raise them ourselves, thank you.

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