Word Problem Workout Sheet

I was going over our school papers and "stuff", and chanced on our word problem workout sheet. 

I used the form to introduce Only Son and Youngest Daughter to the sometimes confusing, sometimes exciting world of math word problems.

This is how it looks like:

The whole worksheet

The left side of the worksheet

The right side of the worksheet 

Not the clearest of photos, 'sorry about that.

These are the steps that I included in the workout sheet:

A. Given



B. Required/ What is asked for

C. Solution

    ~ Word sentence/ Equation

    ~ Computation

D. Final answer  

It may seem to take up so much space for just one problem, but I think it is helpful in teaching the child the steps to think through a word problem in an uncluttered manner. After he has acquired the discipline, he will be needing much less white space.

Just thought I'd share something that worked for us :-)

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