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Moments of Gratitude
Until I can get my kitchen running more efficiently and perhaps get a freezer meals project going (hope springs eternal), dinner will remain a daily challenge. This is painfully true on Mondays when all I want is to be in sync with the homeschool weekly plans. Oh you know... you don't hit it right on Monday and lessons get carried over on Tuesday... and the rest of the week. 
I was this close to snapping and calling the pizza guy, when an angel seemed to fly over my kitchen and gently threw in a whiff of calm. Without prodding, Second Daughter stopped her school work and cleaned the vegetables. I scrubbed the potatoes and readied them for boiling. I hollered to Only Son to please thaw some garlic sausages (the only noisy part in the otherwise quiet and peaceful exercise). In the end we had mashed potatoes, buttered vegetables, and garlic sausage. And soda, because nobody remembered to fill the water pitchers early enough so we could have cold water for dinner. Well, once in while... 
Nobody complained that dinner was late (in part because the sports fans were occupied with basketball news), that we had potatoes instead of rice (our staple), that I insisted on using paper plates and cups, or that there was no cold water. We actually had happy banter going with what turned out to be a novel meal. 
On a Monday evening at that. 

Remembering the Holy Father's intentions for the month of June:
~ "that a culture of dialogue, listening, and mutual respect may prevail among peoples", and 
~ "that where secularization is strongest, Christian communities may effectively promote a new evangelization".  
For our homes, that they may always be filled with warmth and lightheartedness. 
For those who are hungry, sick, lonely, alone, and wronged.  
For all those who have nobody to pray for them. 

With a teen-aged daughter each in tow, my sister and I ventured to the malls over the weekend to shop for clothes for our daughters. It was our first such venture. Our daughters are homeschoolers and if you are like me, fashion does not really come in the education equation all too soon.  
Contrary to what I had expected, it was not the ills of plurality of choices that faced us. It was the lack of choices -- modest choices. Undersized shirts, tight and hugging pants, too-short skirts -- you know the fare.
In the end, our daughters ticked off less than half of their already shortened shopping list, and it was hard to tell who were more disappointed, the girls or their moms. It is so easy to concede to today's fashion fads, for  convenience, for unstrained relationships, and for ease in the pocket. But is that really what we should do as moms? 
The priest who gave the doctrine class that I recently attended said that each time a girl dresses immodestly and fails to cover what should be reserved for her future husband's eyes, that young man's heart bleeds a little even without him knowing so. He sheds some tears, too, however yet unaware he is. 
I remember, too, learning from a retreat that I attended in college, that modesty is the little sister of chastity. 
So many things to teach our little women today. If Louisa May Alcott were alive today, I wonder how her book would have turned out.   

Captured in the Kitchen
Using oranges and two kinds of native citrus fruits, Second Daughter made some citrus juice to go with our lunch yesterday. And took photos of her concoction, too:   

Around the House and Looking Ahead
We officially started our school year last week. I had hoped to get the study area spankingly clean and organized w-a-y before the school year started, but things did not quite turn out that way. Let's just say that I am still working at it.  
The course plans and books arrived on time, though, and motivations are on healthy levels. I would say that we are doing well :-)   

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