My Week

Grateful for 

~ A husband who dutifully makes breakfast everyday, and who doesn't complain if the wife is not as diligent with dinner.
~ Much better roads that take us to the grandparents' place in much less time, good coffee shops along the way, and grandparents who make the visits enjoyable for their grandchildren.
~ Cool lemonade on humid mornings and huge umbrellas on rainy (bordering on stormy) afternoons.
~ School books for the year and boxed (yipee!) curricula and course plans.

~ Why it is so difficult to buy modest clothes for 'tweeners and adolescents these days.
~ How the Internet and fast-changing modern gizmos can make slaves of us and our children if we are not vigilant enough. 
~ Something I read or heard a long time ago: healthy meals don't just happen. 

Praying for
~ A quiet rhythm of life now that our school year has started.
~ Eagerness to learn on the part of my chilren and patience to motivate and teach on my part.
~ Victims of natural and man-made disasters.
~ Children who have to work for a living.
~ Elderly people who are alone on most days.
~ A better second half of 2013.

Going to
~ Spend some mother-daughter time with Second Daughter, weather permitting (we are so looking forward to it).

Listening to
~ (Last night) The cat meow-ing, I think because she wants to enter our room. She was at it for a long time, and I almost relented :-(

Around the House
~ Trying to get the wash hung early and dried by noon, to avoid having to run to the clothesline when the afternoon rains, which pour daily now, really and truly unleash some mean temper.
~ Feeling guilty about not sprucing up the prayer area, a plan long made but never implemented.


Eldest Daughter's drawing. She said she drew a back view because she doesn't do faces very well.
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  1. Your daughter could seriously sell her art. I love that. She is blessed!
    We would love all that rain in dry Texas.

    I do agree modest clothes are hard to find.
    I hope you got your wash clean.

    And - I want to say, I love your heart. You always remind me of things to pray for... thank you thank you!


    1. Thank you! My daughter will surely thrilled by your comment! Thank you, too, for praying along with me :-)

  2. Lucky you to have a husband who makes breakfast! (Mine is off to work before it's even light out...oh well!) I don't envy you having to buy clothes for girls - modesty is definitely not something you can find easily these days in teenager clothes. Love the picture - cute!

    1. Thank you for dropping by, LuAnne :-) You are blessed with a hubby who beats the sun each day; a mean feat I would say!


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