Some Bad Book Habits

The first bad book habit concerns improper shelving. Do you notice how two Pony Pals books are pushed inwards?

Well, it turns out that there are actually three of them not "toeing the line". This happened because whoever shelved one of the books pushed it too far into the shelf, pushing two other books away from the edge.

Not a big issue, really. For now.

However, at some time in the future, when someone shelves yet another book the same way and with the same effect, some book is bound to disappear behind the other books. Perhaps permanently. Or until we decide that it is time to clean the book shelves, which I don't see happening in the medium term. Or Youngest Daughter looks for Pony Pal #15, and #1, #4, #7, #17, and  #25 just won't do. (She is actually too old for Pony Pals, but the animal lover hangs on to the books.)

Will the consequences be catastrophic? No way. 

But consider the case where the book of interest is a textbook. And it has gone missing for two weeks. And nobody bothers to check behind the visible books. Or the book of interest is a collector's item (which thankfully, we do not have given book habits like this).


The second bad book habit also concerns improper shelving.

Sometimes books are returned to the bookshelf (which is good) the horizontal way (which is bad if you shelve your books vertically). Do you see "Mandy" precariously lying atop the properly shelved books? 

Now, take a look at "Mandy" about to fall behind the books and perhaps into oblivion, until there are enough books missing and somebody decides to take on the heroic task of a book search.

Now, let us consider another bad book habit and the word "dog-eared". Fancy name for abusing the beautiful pages of your book, if my sister is to be believed :-)

Can you imagine my most pleasant surprise when I found out that you can "abuse" the pages of a Kindle book the same way? (Yup, habits die hard.)

Do you have your own list of bad book habits?

Seriously now.

The worst book habit concerns not reading as much as one should. Few pleasures in life are more pleasurable than reading. When I am old and gray and glued to my rocking chair, I would want a book (or lots of them) with me.

"The man who does not read 
has no advantage
over the man who cannot read."

I realize, of course, that this post has gone way too long given the its relevance to peace and order in society, the policing of overspeeding public utility buses, the cost of electricity, or the growth rate of gross domestic product this year.

I end thus.


  1. I am nodding emphatically just this minute - having re-shelved a thousand-plus books during the course of my childrens' education! (And yes...I homeschooled them for most of that, so really...I understand!) I never knew that you could "dog-ear" Kindle pages too...good info to have and I thank you for it!


    1. I'm in good company then! How comforting to know!

  2. As a fellow bookwork...I love this post! Especially the Kindle bad habit (which I use by the way). I am pretty good but I will admit that most of my fave books look like porcupines with all the post-it flags sticking out LOL!

    1. BookWORM...I don't know where my head is sometimes. And I am typing worse today!

    2. No problem, dear; I do that lots of times. Happy reading!

  3. That too! I have post-its stuck to my books long after they have outlived their usefulness. Nice to know that we are book lovers from the same mold :-) Thanks for visiting!


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