Bells and Virtue

This is the belfry of the Cathedral of Saint Catherine of Alexandria in Dumaguete City in the island of Negros in central Philippines. 

It is said that in that long-ago time when sea pirates were aplenty, the bells would peal at the sighting of pirates coming to shore. The community would then hurry to hide their women and girls to protect them from the pirates. While it was tragic that these gentle people had to live under the fear of pirate invasion, it is also truly admirable and heartwarming that their strong adherence to virtue surpassed the threats. 

My sister and I had the opportunity to visit Dumaguete City and the Cathedral of Saint Catherine, bringing a teen-aged daughter each along with us. After recounting the story of the belfry, my sister led our girls to a prayer for purity, Blessed be Your Purity,  before the image of Our Lady of Lourdes located at the base of the belfry.

Blessed be your purity,

May it be blessed for ever,

For no less than God takes delight

In such exalted beauty.

To you, heavenly Princess,

Holy Virgin Mary,

I offer this day

My whole heart, life, and soul.

Look upon me with compassion;

Do not leave me, my mother.

Our young ladies, too,  face many threats to their virtues today. Modern-day pirates, who do not necessarily ply the seas, are out there. It is always reassuring, however, that the Blessed Mother guides and intercedes for them. 

The Cathedral of Saint Catherine of Alexandria


  1. This is so beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing the prayer of purity. I will say it with my daughter...

    What an amazing belfry! And the history, very encouraging!!

    1. Thank you for your thoughts... yes, it is always good to learn from those who came before us.


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