The Horizon

Sea-bound and  loving it, I let my thoughts ride with the waves and savor these moments of grace. 

The reach of my eyes. That is what a horizon is, is it not?

Caught in traffic in the highway, the horizon is the first row of vehicles at the very, very front, except that there really is more traffic beyond. In the lowest part of a valley, the horizon is the mountain, and then too, there is something more beyond that mountain. 

But that place where the sea meets the sky. Nothing else can better visually indicate a horizon than that faraway flat line.   

Sometimes I am confused -- is reaching the horizon is a good thing or a bad thing?  

I guess it depends. 

If you reach the horizon and find out that you are not welcome beyond that point, that would be bad. For all the traveling that you have done, where are you to go? If you reach the horizon and find out that what you hope for is right there and you are unequivocally welcomed, that would be good. 

I would like to reach this certain horizon one day. Somebody beckons and I hear Him. (Sometimes, though, I choose not to, and I am sorry afterwards.) I think it would be good because Beyond the Horizon is a Good Place where I can be with that Somebody. 

A Dear Lady offers to guide the journey. We sing to her this lovely song: 

"Oh, lift your Child as a beacon light to the port where I fain  would be...... When the voyage is o'er, o stand on the shore and show Him at last to me". 

Infinitely plenty are the moments of grace in that Place.

1. The quoted lines are from the song, "Mother of Christ", which is part of the novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help. The complete lyrics are found here (please scroll down).

2. The wiggly smudges on the photo must have come from my camera lens. Lesson for me: when shooting outdoors, frequently clean your camera lens :-)  

This was originally written for Moments of Grace, a Friday linking activity at Jenny's Suscipio. She now blogs at The Littlest Way.


  1. "The reach of my eyes". Profound.

    I find the sea very calming. But also very sobering - I can see myself as the tiny person that I really am; and God, so great. He is all powerful, and mighty. Thank you for this quick moment of contemplation.

    PS - on the lighter side, I thought the "smudges" might just be my screen, it is often dirty. :o)

    1. You're right... we are but specks in God's vastness. It is humbling, but also an invitation to trust in Him more.

      No, I can assure you that it is my photo :-)

  2. Beautiful picture - and a lovely piece of writing!

    1. Thank you for visiting, LuAnne. Thank you again for your recipes; I do hope to try one this weekend :-)

  3. Hi Marcia - what a beautiful post today. I too, loved the words "The reach of my eyes". How far can we see? Here on the edge of the west Texas plains in the deep heat of summer, we'll see thunderhead clouds towering to the west, with lightning streaming from them. We can dash inside and check the weather radar (hoping the rain is coming our way!) only to discover that those storms are literally 100 miles away in Wichita Falls. But we can see them here! This must be a taste of how God sees - everywhere and everything - and someday from heaven we'll have the same perspective without a horizon in sight!

    1. Amazing isn't it? He is infinite on all accounts. And yes, it will be purest joy to share His perspective one day!

      Thanks for dropping by :-)

  4. I miss living by the water! There is a peace to the ebb and flow of the waves. Sigh!
    We are small, but we are connected by our Faith and our Lord's love and sacrifice. The horizon is the same as where you are now. It's what you make of it.
    That's my two cents. I may be wrong.

    xx oo

    1. That's a fine insight, Emily. And isn't it just so wonderful that God always makes His presence felt in a loving way? Sometimes I chastise myself that I am NOT trusting enough of that Presence...


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