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Our four children attended a collective total of 11 schools in a span of 9 years before Husband and I finally decided to homeschool. During this long period of school hopping, I learned one lesson -- the paper credentials of a teacher are but secondary to her character.

For me, the defining trait of a teacher is empathy. The lack of it poses a limiting factor. No matter how impressive a teacher's educational and professional qualifications are, and no matter how efficiently she manages her classroom, without empathy, that classroom is not different from an assembly line in a factory. 

Empathy makes a teacher compassionate and ready to help. And to be able to help, she strives do better in each task, each day, with each child. Some people in any workplace – not just the classroom – keep putting the question “What’s in it for me?” in the forefront. She is not that way.

One of my own teachers said that a teacher 
watches out as her students cast their boats to sea. 

Today, I remember with gratitude the precious ones who welcomed our children into the classrooms of their hearts and loved them enough to nurture them like they were their own.

May these true teachers be blessed richly and always.

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