Why I Want My Children to Study Art

Today I share with you a short post lifted from (and slightly revised) my my old and now unavailable blog. 

As a homeschooling mom, I tend to forget art education in favor of the so-called academic subjects. Now is a good time to remind myself that that should not be so.

I want my children to learn art because…

… there will be loose ends to account for 
if I let them go just knowing how to color in one direction 
and without going past the picture outline.

… I didn’t get enough art education myself 
and studying art with my children will fill in the gap.

… art and historical museums are some of the most welcoming and coziest places on earth, 
and I want them to feel just that when they enter these places.

… I believe that one can learn about order, in its true sense, through art.

… when they study the hard sciences, I want them to know how to find art there, too.

… God reached us through the works of the masters, and I don’t want them to miss the experience.

… I want them to never lose their sense of wonder.

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