My Week

Moments of Gratitude 
I had to go for a regular medical checkup around this time last week, but I did not feel up to it. I was actually feeling well, but we are in the rainy season and I was not up to the commute. The hubby, sensing my sluggishness, promised to drive me to the doctor during his lunch hour, but I would have had to commute going home. 
Well, as God's grace would have it, the hubby arrived at the appointed hour and announced that he was taking the rest of the day off so he could bring me to the doctor AND bring me home, too! Truly, God is a God of pleasant surprises! 
After the doctor's visit, we dropped by the oratory of a nearby university for Confession. Just being in a quiet and serene place of worship is, by itself, a blessing. Then we crossed the street and we took an early dinner of garlic rice and native sausages. 
And this happy wife and mom went home (escorted by the hubby) thankful and recharged! 

Praying for
~ Those affected by weather extremes worldwide
~ People working to save Mother Earth
~ The spiritual formation of our children 
~ The training of our children on practical living skills (read house chores)
~ Those who are lonely, alone, and have nobody to pray for them

Correspondence to grace. 
In His infinite love and generosity, God has gifted us with free will. I truly believe that the best way to thank God for this and to uphold our dignity as His creatures-- as is our duty -- is to use that free will to correspond to His grace. Even as one is thankful for the abundance of grace, the temptation to be complacent and shirk from Christian duties is always there. Still, grace has to bear fruit -- in us, in what we do and what we do not do. 
Some words from Saint Josemaria:
"...If you really correspond to his call, you'll work for Christ like the best. If you become a man of prayer, you'll be given that correspondence I mentioned, and hungry for sacrifice, you'll seek the hardest task...
And you'll be happy here, and most happy, herefafter -- in the life." (The Way, 255)
"...What a deep joy you feel in your soul after having corresponded to grace." (The Way, 992)

In the Kitchen 
Another pleasant surprise. I got a recipe right the first time. (I usually get it all wrong, and then a bit right before I finally make a respectable hit.) And it had to be baked potatoes. Our staple is rice, and while we have potatoes now and then, 'em rootcrops and I were never really cozy with each other. Well, things have changed! 
We had baked chicken and salad greens to go with the prized baked potatoes (best ever, as the recipe called it). 

Around the House 
The hampers are never empty, there are always laundered items to be folded, the stack of clothes for ironing is never done with, but the levels are manageable and nobody is throwing tantrums about not having anything to wear. That means that we are not on crisis status. Things are well around here. 

Saint Maximillian Kolbe's feast day will be on Wednesday. I am planning to read Saint Max's biography with Youngest Daughter, read-aloud style.  

Wandering Around the Web 
To those of you who homeschool, what do you do after teaching the color wheel to your kids? 
In our early years of homeschooling, I had Second Daughter and Only Son color three copies of the same picture. They used black, white, and gray for the first copy, primary colors for the second copy, and secondary colors for the third copy. 
You may wish to try this exercise with your kids. It takes quite some time and patience to finish all three copies, but it is rewarding for them to observe how using different sets of colors for the same picture can make a difference in appearance and mood. 
There are many good coloring pages at coloring.ws for the littles. Even the older ones can do this art exercise using more challenging coloring pages like the ones you will find in Donna Young's complex coloring printables.   
Finally, I just have to say that even if I have participated just once, I am really liking Jenny's 3-2-1 on Suscipio Fridays :-)

'Hoping to be back, sooner rather than later...
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  1. I have never used the color wheel. This year, we are learning to draw, then about artists. I bought a wonderful, used art book called The Complete Book of Art Ideas. I hope to do some hands on, get creative Art. But I do like what you are saying.
    Congrats on the Potatoes.
    I have a great and easy garlic mashed potato recipe if you want it my friend.
    Blessings to you.
    So glad you got to recharge. Our Lord is so good to us.

    1. Let's enjoy this school year's art activities; they are great opportunities to bond with the kids.

      That garlic mashed potato recipe sounds inviting. 'You want to do a post on that?

      Thanks for visiting; I always enjoy reading your comments :-)

  2. It sounds like you had a great day with your sweet husband. What a great surprise. Thanks for the reminder about St Maximilian's feast day; I have a Maximilian.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Jenny. Prayers and blessings for your Maximilian!

  3. Our families share a special bond with st. Maximillian Kolbe...thank you for the reading references.

    My youngest does not like baked potatoes, the rest of us LOVE them. I'll try this recipe, it may make a difference...they make such great meals in themselves with the right trimmings.

  4. What a heartwarming thought. That's right, St. Max is our common daily companion!

    Thank you for the idea -- I do have to come up with baked potato trimmings other than cheese!


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