A Patchy Cover-Up

'You know those pure cotton t-shirts
that are hard to let go of
when they become shapeless
because that's when they are most comfortable?

This is one of them.
It also happened to have an iron-on design
that was somehow ruined.

What to do?
Patch over a new design :-)

By the way, this is Youngest Daughter's.
My t-shirt is way bigger than this :-(

The patch is from a panel I have had in my stack
for more than a decade, finally put to some use.

Do you see the red "ear" on the right side? It's part of the original design.
I added the button on the lower left corner.

And with this post, I hope to go back to my blogging life
and the blogging friends whom I sorely missed.

I hope you are all well and happy.

God bless :-)

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