Homeschooled from the Start

When Youngest Daughter was about five years old, she looked up from what she was reading and asked, "What does homework mean?"

I asked her to venture a guess, and after thinking about it, she said, "Um, washing dishes? Sweeping the floor?"

Given the chores that I make my children do that they claim children who go to regular schools don't get to do, it wasn't such a bad guess, was it?


  1. Thank you! And thank you, too, for visiting :-)

  2. I love that.
    What is homework INDEED? It's torture, that's what it is. ha
    For my son it is when he is having a day he can't concentrate and we have to move on. Then he has to finish the work in the evening.
    It's rare!


  3. Well, based on my childhood memories... homework did get in the way of play and leisure reading after classes :-)


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