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I like ordinary days. They are quiet, predictable, and of the hum-along type. 
Not to be mistaken though, they are also just as busy and full!

Today, I share with you a sampling of what can pop up during some of my ordinary days.  


This is my pretty (well, to me) sewing project stack. Each item in that stack has a project plan associated with it. Small plans, big plans. On an occasional ordinary day, I find time to work on some small plans like I did here and here. For the big plans, I wait for a weekend or an occasional holiday.


Few things make me happier than finding out that my teenaged son made his bed before going to school in the morning. Making his bed consists of straightening the sheet, positioning his pillows at the head of the bed, one on top of the other, and occasionally adding a couple of stuffed toys that his sisters gave him for Christmas. Forget the bedspread or the cluttered desk or the soiled clothes on the floor; this mom is happy enough! 


That's Youngest Daughter's dog. I was actually pleasantly surprised that Dog is mild-mannered, friendly, and quite obedient. She has made it her goal to befriend the one other pet in the house, a decidedly introvert cat. Cat sleeps off attempts by Dog to forge a friendship. 


This is the tote that houses Youngest Daughter's homeschool course plans. To me, each course plan is a real challenge, a real adventure, and a real way for mom and daughter to learn together. Like I say, in homeschooling, there are good days, there are bad days, and there are very bad days. We save the very bad days by deliberately ignoring the course plans in favor of "interest-led" activities. Then, when the realities of needing to go back on track hits us, there are the course plans to help us steer the course once again. 


What make up your ordinary days?

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  1. Marcia, What a joy to read about your 'ordinary days'...which every home school mom knows is never really ordinary. I miss those days, and can still remember the occasional bad one (though the memories are of many more good ones) :-)
    Love the pictures of your pets and your sewing project stack..I thought I was the only one with one of those!
    Blessings +

    1. I'm in good company! Here's to finding more time to sort through our sewing stacks :-) Thank you for visiting, Caroline!

  2. What wonderful ordinary days! Your technique for saving the 'very bad days' is wise...I think calling it a day when things just are not going according to plan is OK. The beauty of home schooling is having that flexibility (and know when to improvise). Which reminds me of my husband's saying (which he borrowed from a Clint Eastwood movie):
    "Improvise, Adapt and Overcome". (a secular motto to our Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam) :o)

    btw - adorable pets.

    1. "Improvise, Adapt and Overcome" Hey, I like that! Inspiring as its is practical. And with AMDG undertones, too! I knew Clint Eastwood can come up with something other than "Go ahead, make my day." :-) Thank you for sharing!

  3. Marcia you are so organized! my ordinary would not make a pretty happy picture.

    1. Aw, Anabelle, in my case, there's less than meets the eye :-) I just adore your children's photos; I'm sure being their mom gives you your daily dose of pretty and happy!

  4. Ordinary Days are wonderful, aren't they? Every day that we are given is, I suppose. I really love your kitty. I have had a siamese cat for 17 years...he is an old man and I know I won't have him much longer and it makes me REALLY regret getting him fixed when he was young. I wish I could have more just like him!

  5. How I wish our Siamese cat will also reach old age like yours! Pets do add joy to family living. Well, right now your dear cat is still with you, and you can savor every day with him :-) Thank you for visiting, Rebecca!

  6. Nice. I've never heard of this link up!
    Looks enjoyable. I love reading your posts. Knowing you are on another continent and we are connected by our Faith! God is good.

    1. Thank you, Emily! I am amazed myself that technology allows us to get in touch and learn from each other. I do learn heaps from from your personal and craft blogs. Yes, indeed, God is good!

      By the way, Auntie Leila does share a wealth of wisdom in her blog Like Mother, Like Daughter. Spend some time visiting her!


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