Why Weekends?

Surely, there is infinite wisdom in God the Father's act of creating the world in six days and resting on the seventh.

I am not a theologian or a philosopher, just a wife and mom who strives to live each day better than the last. Sometimes it happens that way, sometimes it does not, and many times, it does get tiring in body, mind, and spirit.

I would like to take a hint from the Story of Creation. There must be a reason for setting apart weekends from weekdays. You look at most calendars and yes, Saturday and Sunday are there standing like bookends sandwiching Mondays to Fridays. How graphic is that? (Sunday, of course, strictly speaking, is still the first day of the week.) Office and school calendars tell us that we should attend to business from Monday to Friday and at the end, there are Saturday and Sunday to look forward to.

One of the best ways to show God our gratitude for the work and gift of creation is to do an excellent job of being stewards of those gifts. Stewardship requires honest and hard work. Elbow grease acquired lovingly and with huge doses of devotion. By religious and cultural designs, we have weekdays to do this. We will never be able to repay a fraction of God's goodness but He will get the point.

But for stewardship to be sustained and improved, the steward needs constant renewal -- in practical terms, recharging. We have to continue being physically healthy by among others, resting. We have to clear the fuzzies off our minds by resting our thoughts. That way, we are able to rethink, regroup, and reorganize our plans, activities, and well, life in general. The most important is that we have to give rest to our fears, doubts, and anxieties, by recharging our spirits and our souls, so we can serve not as mechanized robots, but as human beings with dignity borne out of being God's creatures and children.

This is what weekends are for -- rest and recharging, so we can begin again and love again and serve again.

The practical considerations will vary across individuals and families and their circumstances, but we can trust Divine Guidance to lead us to restful and restorative weekends.

"He who pledges himself to work for Christ 
should never have a free moment, 
because to rest is not to do nothing: 
it is to relax in activities which demand less effort."

- Saint Josemaria Escriva

How do you spend your weekends?

Does the way you spend your weekend affect your disposition for the following week?


  1. We too try to rest on Sunday's after Mass.
    It doesn't always happen. But other than a Sunday meal.... we rest. We play outside when it is a nice day...
    and we rest.

    1. Hi, Emily! Yes, Sundays are for prayer and rest. It's odd that it seems difficult to do at times, but prayer and rest are it :-)

  2. I'm so glad to have found your blog (via LMLD)! Your posts are lovely reflections on how the Kingdom of God intersects with our daily lives. I was born in the Philippines but was brought back to the US when I was 4 months old (my parents were from there) and have never had the opportunity to visit. I now live in Mexico, so can relate to the weather, plants, food, etc. - very similar.

    1. Hello, Anna! I am thrilled that you found my blog! How nice to know that you were born in my country! Yes, the Philippines and Mexico have many things in common. I believe that the Philippines and Mexico were even in the same ecclesiastical jurisdiction during the Spanish times. 'Hope to get to know you and Mexico better through your blog :-)


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