My Guardian Dear

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Guardian angels are some of the most underrated -- if not forgotten -- beings that I know.

We have the privilege of having a guardian angel each, more than willing and ready to watch over us, protect us from danger, help us be firm in our resolve to be upright, and help us in our daily tasks. Our guardian angels have been with us since birth, and one of the first prayers that we learn as children is "Angel of God".

And yet, as grown-ups, it is so easy to forget our guardian angels. It is almost as if "Angel of God" is a child's prayer alone! Might it be because we are overly confident of our capabilities to go it alone? When one thinks about it though, our need for our guardian angels does not diminish as grown-ups more exposed to the world with all its forms of dangers and temptations.

Isn't is such a pity that God assigned our guardian angel to be with us all the time, and yet, days pass on without us even saying hello and thank you to them? But hey, cellphones and gadgets are practically our additional appendages! We forget our phones at home, and our we twist and turn in discomfort the whole day. And yet, entire days can pass by with us ignoring our guardian angels.

Today, the Feast of the Guardian Angels, it is good to reconnect with our angel buddies and develop a solid relationship with them. After all, they will be with us all our lives. Then, of course, it is also good to help our children to do the same.

Queen of Angels, pray for us. 

Photo credit: josefnovak33 / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA
Title: Guardian Angel

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