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round button chicken


Churches are some of the prettiest things that I know. Not in the way of country cottages or wedding gazebos, but in the way of great awe, quiet dignity, and understated grandeur. And rightfully so, for is not the God that we worship all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-loving? 

I love how each altar is arranged the same way anywhere, and how the Blessed Sacrament is central to it, always signaled by the sanctuary lamp. It is comforting that the crucifix and an image of our Blessed Mother are also predictably present, and depending on which parish one goes, there is the quiet company of the images of a patron saint or two.

I enjoy taking in the smell of the old and polished wood of pews, but not so much of the flowers (you know, rhinitis). I find satisfaction in inspecting the Stations of the Cross and their details. For some reason, chandeliers scare me, so I prefer the modern-day recessed and less obtrusive lights. 

Big and well-appointed churches, small and modest churches, they all appeal to what is good in us. They all unfailingly invite us to say hello to a God who is just waiting for us to come and visit.  


There are probably very few events that beat a mother's happiness as she watches a soundly sleeping child. 

As a young mother with a firstborn who hardly slept and vigorously nursed every two hours without fail, watching my baby sleep was an almost sacred experience. Watching her sleep as toddler worn down by her own tantrums that lasted longer than my patience probably comes in second.

Last week, the toddler-turned-university student (when did that happen?!) finished all her final exams, came home, dropped to bed still in her street clothes and... slept. A long time. 

And this mother's heart welcomed that special kind of happiness once more.   


I have said somewhere else in this blog that after almost 24 years of marriage, I still cook and bake with one hand holding a cookbook. Now, I have had many cookbooks in my lifetime, and unlike the manuals that come with appliances, I have yet to see a cookbook with a troubleshooting section. This actually borders between the  funny and un-funny, but I will take my chances putting it down in the funny section.

For example, what am I to do with a banana loaf that has been baking for an hour and a half with the sides and top threatening to burn while the center is still wet (the knife came out all sticky, actually). Or why did the baked chicken that looked so juicy in the cookbook come out all dry and difficult to chew? Did the muffins fail to rise because I did not "make well in the center"? Should I stop sauteing the onions now because they surely don't look like they will in anyway approximate a translucent appearance.  

Let's just say that I have won some, and I have lost some, and as I learn more, the fun keeps getting better. 


Do you remember the Velveteen Rabbit, the Skin Horse, and what it means to be Real?

The wise and gentle horse told the curious rabbit that "it takes a long time... by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all..."

I don't know who makes the definitive judgment on Real-ness, but I would like to think that I know what the Skin Horse Horse meant.      

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P.S. The above is what happens when one misplaces her camera charger... 


  1. Marcia, I had to chuckle at your lack of photos. have you asked st. Anthony to help you find it?

  2. I actually found my camera charger a day after you reminded me to ask for Saint Anthony's intercession. Thanks!


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