A Confusing Silence

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Mothers are almost always never physically alone. In the early years, you may be balancing a baby and on your hip while a toddler is clutching at your pants. Then they learn to walk and run by themselves but are still within a five-meter radius from your location. Even when they can pretty much occupy themselves without mom's help as older children or teenagers, they are still constantly popping in and out of your direct and peripheral visions, requesting for snacks, lesson help, a missing sock, and the like. When bedtime comes and the last one has put off the light, you sigh and relish the quiet.

Until the next morning.

So one day, when your son has a post-school hours activity, your daughters leave to see a movie that they have been waiting for for weeks, and the hubby is still at work, you find yourself alone. And the house is in total silence. Yup, total. Even the dog decides to oversleep to get out of your way.

You enjoy the silence for half an hour. You grab some snacks from the ref, chew unhurriedly and swallow purposefully. Gosh, you haven't eaten at such a leisurely pace in a long time. You even gulp down some soda and shamelessly enjoy the burp that follows. You contemplate on putting on the TV, but decide otherwise; what a pathetic way to spend your me-time. So you just drift from one room to another with no particular objective in mind.

Then you feel disoriented. The house is not supposed to be quiet at mid-afternoon. Heavens, something must be wrong!

Yes, something is wrong.

You miss the noisemakers. Then you promise yourself that never again would you shush them up or warn them that you've heard the last whining, period.

Just as you are seriously nursing your maternal guilt, the hubby's car's honking jolts you, your son bangs on the gate to announce his presence, and the girls start a high-pitched, maximum-volume review of the movie as they enter the house. The dog has awaken. These happen in a brief span of 15 minutes.

Then you realize that you have spoken too soon.


  1. You have a wonderful way of writing...I can just picture this all so vividly.

  2. It's something that occasionally happens to us moms, I guess :-) Blessings...


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