My Week

Moments of Gratitude
I am thankful for LIFE, LIFE, and LIFE.

Praying for

~ faith in God, because we cannot understand everything.
~ hope for those who see little to look forward to.
~ those who are ailing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
~ a strong supernatural outlook in the face of unpleasant events.
~ a meaningful celebration of the Feast of Christ the King.
~ an Advent Season that will prepare us to welcome the Child Jesus with much hope and joy.


~ When I was busy going over our closets looking for clothes to donate to typhoon victims, I realized how little we actually need to live, how much greater we think we need, and the difference between the two.

~ Bins, baskets, binders, and organizers can only work if we actually use them. Properly. Habitually. Consistently.

~ When your daughter tells you pointblank that you need to exercise, you probably do J.

Around the House

I can’t remember now why my desk has accumulated so much clutter that I could barely see a few square inches of bare desktop. But yes, that was how it was until I decided that no way could I homeschool and run the house with my desk looking that way. Flylady has her shiny sink, I have my clean and uncluttered desk. So I delegated dinner preparations to free up time so that I could bring back some decency into my workstation.

It didn’t take long, actually; so much for procrastination. Still, the huge clean-up was unnecessary had I picked up after myself and returned things where I got them; so much for underutilized organizers.   

In the Kitchen

We live in the tropics where drinking water is at its best when it is cold. There is no substitute for cold water, not chilled beer, not ice-cold soda, and not even cold buco (young coconut) juice. To me, cold drinking water is one unheralded hero, a blessing taken for granted. 

Listening to

… my daughter singing along with a CD. I think she has good sense of rhythm, but if I tell her so, she will probably start being self-conscious and stop singing.  

~ Salvifici Doloris, Apostolic Letter of His Holiness Pope John Paul II on the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering 

This is not very easy to understand, but I hope to finish it. For example: “Human suffering evokes compassion; it also evokes respect, and in its own way it intimidates.”  

I finished reading the first book about two weeks ago and the second book, just the other day. Both are very engaging and thought-provoking, and both were written by ordinary people who responded extraordinarily to human suffering. I hope to do a post about the lessons that I learned from these two fine books.  

Wandering Around the Web

What I am actually prompted to do is stop wandering around the web for “Christmas ideas”. There is only one Christmas idea and that’s the hope that the birth of a Little Child brings to mankind.

This Christmas, I will trust my God-guided instincts and family traditions. I don’t us to miss the angels’ singing and the Baby’s cooing and gurgling and smiling. 


This post was originally linked with the Catholic Woman's Almanac, a Monday online linking activity started by Jenny who now blogs at The Littlest Way.


  1. I like your captured. It looks like a book rainbow! You are correct, we could live on so much less stuff than we have.

    1. The books are well-shelved, for now... Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Great almanac.
    We have been slowly downsizing and to us, it is liberating. I read Kisses from Katie and blogged about it. WOW - what a remarkable and faithful girl. I want to be more like her if I ever grow up. lol


    1. Similar thoughts from my end, Em! I wish I was more giving and trusting of God's love when I was Katie's age (and now, too). I hope she finds the time to write another book. I will be reading your post on her book.

      Thank you for your presence in my corner of the blogosphere. God bless!

  3. LOVE love your CWA as always..."late" getting here...hectic week! LOL
    Your "Christmas idea" is perfect....simple and honest.

    I, too, adore JPII and I;ve not read much of his work though...thanks for that recommendaton. My son is rec confirmation in May 2014 and will be taking the name "Karol." We were thrilled that he chose it! We all love BL JPII so much.

    Have a great day and thanks for a glimpse into your week!

    Take care

  4. Yes, Blessed JPII was and IS such a blessing to the Church. I am sure he will look over your son in a special way.

    God bless...


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