My Week

At midweek...
Moments of Gratitude

I am thankful for 
~ community, togetherness, and looking out for each other.
~ my families, nuclear and extended.
~ good days and bad days.
~ blue skies, sunny days, and sweet-smelling wash. 
~ cellphones, because I can check on my children when they are away from home. 
~ our playful dog and our naughty cat. 
~ empty dish drainers and dishes stacked neatly in the kitchen cabinets. 
~  predictability in our days -- not that I don't appreciate occasional surprises!

Praying for

~ dear Angela and others who may be similarly situated, 
~ the homeless, the hungry, and those who want for the basic necessities in life,
~ couples who are preparing to get married. December seems to be the new June around here :-)
~ my children and other students, that they accord their education the value that is due it, and
~ a meaningful Advent. 

"It is God's Will that in this world souls shall dispense to each other, by prayer, the treasures of Heaven, in order that when they reach their Everlasting Home they may love one another with grateful hearts, and with an affection far in excess of that which reigns in the most perfect family on earth."    - Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, in The Story of a Soul 

Around the House

Catching up with laundry, as usual. I want a manageable hamper level in a couple of days because I really SHOULD stop using my weekends for catch-up housework.

In the Kitchen

I cleaned out the pantry last weekend. You don't want to know what I found there...

Around the House

I am hoping that the box that contains the Advent ribbons for our home altar is NOT at the bottom of the boxes that contain our Christmas decors. Because if that is the case... :-)

I think I'm going for the bigger Advent candles this year. Last year, the week one candle was already almost used up when we got to week three.  

Listening to

Relative quiet. Husband just left with Eldest Daughter and Only Son, he to the office and they to school. I am left with my two homeschoolers who are still in their rise-and-shine routine.

~ Salvifici Doloris, Apostolic Letter of His Holiness Pope John Paul II on the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering 
I have been extremely slow reading this. My goal is to finish by the weekend. I guess you will know how I fared in my next almanac :-)


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