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round button chicken

No matter how crazy a week is going, as you go this way and that, 
your eyes fleetingly catch a sight that makes you smile.

I share with you some of those glimpses.   


A Rosary case given by a friend, scraps from my first roll of Christmas gift wrappers, 
and contact paper that I covered the top of my desk with when I didn't feel like repainting it. 


My darling daughter's darling dog, always eager to please. 
Look at those trusting eyes...


That's the gut of a bag of chips, now empty. 

My homeschoolers occasionally graze. They work on a worksheet (or a fraction thereof), 
look for something to eat, eat a little, study again, look for something to eat again, then eat again. And sometimes, a bag of chips is the object of their grazing .  


I sew better than I bake. 
Yup, that's my reality. 

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