Trading Colors: A Refashion Attempt

I am joining the refashion ladies of the world with these t-shirts :-)

I failed to take BEFORE photos, so let's just take a look at the AFTERS one by one.

Red then blue

Blue then red

The inspiration for this project is from Lisa of Grey Luster Girl (Thanks heaps!). It has been on my mind for some time because her refashion project did seem manageable, and the end-product is pretty and something that my daughters would like. When I saw the original t-shirts in the sale section of the supermarket, I knew the project was due! 

All it took was cutting each shirt in two, then switching the bottom parts. I had to hand-baste, though, because cotton knit can be quite squirmy to sew on. I added the yellow buttons because I happened to have them.

Oblige me a last time, please :-)

I'm feeling good! Who knows, maybe I'll be braver next time and try more complicated projects...


  1. These are adorable! (and for me and my talents, complicated). :o)

    1. I mustered confidence by carefully going through the inspiration post. After I've read it a good number of times, the project seemed much easier. Then I sewed very carefully (and slowly) because I didn't want to have to rip and re-sew :-)

      Try it sometime!


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