Being Still

On many a Sunday, I look back to the week past and lament unfinished tasks, un-ticked lists, uncooked meals, unwashed clothes, and untaught lessons. I almost always find myself shocked at the lack of accomplishments despite the good faith and the hard work. Initial shock is followed by frustration. Frustration scares me because it unleashes... complaints. And I don't want to complain.

Indulging in this mental anguish weighs rather heavily on my conscience. This is not the way to spend one's Sunday, not in one's mind, not in one's spirit. 

Then because of some prompting, weariness, or by default, I sit down. And breathe. 

I review the math and confirm that yes, there are only 24 hours in a day, 5 (6 at most) days in a work week, 2 days in a weekend, and 5 feet, 4 inches, never-mind-how-many pounds, 1 brain, and 1 pair of hands of me. There are also infinitely many blessings, unquantifiable grace, and 1 God who dispenses of them generously, unstintingly, unconditionally.

So I remain sitting. And breathing.

Tomorrow is Monday, Lord. It is the scariest day of the week for me.

Guide me through Monday, please. And Tuesday. And Wednesday. And Thursday. And Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday. And Monday again.

Let my trust in You be boundless, as it should be.

Image courtesy of Keerati at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Be still, and know that I am God.
-- Psalms 46:10


  1. Praying you have a blessed week, Marcia. Please pray for me.

  2. Yes, of course, dear. May your week be grace-filled, peaceful, and happy. God bless...


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