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round button chicken

On the first Sunday of Advent, we were late for Holy Mass, so we missed the lighting of the first Advent candle. I'm not proud of this because we have a decent attendance record for Sunday Mass, except that this time, we chose a special Sunday (well, yes, all Sundays are special) to be late.

All told, though, our First Week of Advent is rolling out well. And we are grateful.

{pretty, happy} 

We managed to retrieve the Nativity set (belen in our vernacular) from the storage  with not even a minor accident. I still wonder as I did last year, where the chicken is. It was funny then. But finding no chicken for two consecutive years, I guess I will have to declare it officially lost. 

I digressed. Well, chicken or no chicken, setting up the Nativity set is always a happy occasion. And as one sits back afterwards to adore the pretty sight, there is always peace and happiness setting in in one's heart. 

We are not starting with an empty stable this year. Mary and Joseph will already be right there in the stable with a couple of cattle or sheep (not sure which)...

... and the shepherds and the magis are hanging out by the rosary rack until Gaudete Sunday.

This is a better strategy this Advent because we've been arranging and rearranging around the house, and if I scatter them around and let them inch on to the stable as Christmas approaches, these guys just might get lost. (You might wish to check out what I did last year.)


I'm not sure if I took this photo this week or last, but presumptuous Cat making herself comfortable in my bed like so is becoming a regular occurence and has deprived me of many a siesta. No, I will not take it personally and she's not really an awful cat, so I will consider this a funny sight. After all, I did find her cute enough to take a photo. 

Another funny sight, I guess, would be myself fumbling with, twisting, and securing the Advent ribbons and purple flowers and balls (sorry, no photos of that).  

{real; happy}

The reality is that we had say, 11 months to clean out the candle holders of the Advent wreath. Well, guess when they got cleaned. After I took this photo, that's right. 

The happy reality, though, is that we are now saying the Rosary with one Advent candle lighted. And the happiness and peace are real...

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  1. Your nativity set is charming. I hope the chicken shows up.

  2. Your Advent candle wreath is beautiful!
    psst - my Advent candle holders are a mess...still.

    Glad there were no accidents with your sweet nativity...Have a blessed Advent!


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