Deliberate in 2014

My problem with good faith and intentions is that I fall short on the practical aspects that will translate them to actual outcomes and realities. Such is the great imbalance of my life.

And such was what weighed heavily on me when I was trying to discern how to name my year. For a while there, I felt weary and spent like the year is half-over on the third day of the year!

When we were growing up, my mom would always say that money comes when you need it. So does divine guidance! Oh, how I needed it then! After considering this name and that, my year's name surfaced -- clear, posing not a doubt, and raising my spirits. 

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I will act deliberately. 

I will love deliberately. 

I will hold on to my faith in God, deliberately. 

I know what virtues I need to work on for myself and my family. I know what I need to improve on in the home front, in our homeschool, and in nearly all aspects of our individual and collective lives. Enumerating the "desirables" comes easy to me. But the daily grind to attain them -- things get fussy there. 

If I act with deliberateness, however, my mind and my heart will find clarity and focus. Then I will be led towards what to do and how to do it -- the elusive action plan!

But I have to be deliberate daily. Every single day.

I have to act deliberately every single day.

I have to love deliberately every single day.

I have to hold on to my faith every single day.

Because deliberateness will bear fruit only when it becomes a habit.

I ask for God's guidance and the Blessed Mother's precious intercession.

Start by doing what is necessary;
then do what's possible;
and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

When you bring order into your life
your time will multiply,
and then you will be able to give God more glory,
by working more in his service. 


  1. Stopping by to say hi! Glad we found each other!

  2. Thanks for dropping by! I've enjoyed reading some of your blog posts... you are living my dream retirement, that of taking care of cute and totally lovable grandchildren!

  3. I love the deliberate life. The way I find it easiest to lay hold of is to think of my life as lived in a "home monastery". If anyone knows how to live deliberately, it's the religious. Here's a link to an excellent post on how to incorporate a more deliberate approach into your life (this is from the blog Etheldredasplace)
    Blessings to you this new year!

    1. Thanks so much for the link, Anna! Etheldredasplace's post is full of practical advice. You are right: look to the religious if you are looking for a model of the deliberate life. And I am attracted to your idea of a "home monastery". So much to ponder on and live by!

  4. Love deliberate. And the quote by St Josemaria Escriva...he's my saint for the year!

    1. Jenny, I am so glad to know that we are both devotees of Saint Josemaria. Let's share notes on our learnings! Yesterday was his birthday.

  5. My word for 2014 is very similar to yours! Mine is "intentional." I'm right there with you!

    1. I'm in good company! I'm excited; let's pray for each other's year!


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