My Week

At midweek...

Moments of Gratitude
I am thankful for
~ a new year
~ a big new chance
~ a new heap of hope
~ a new dose of joy
~ a new planner :-)

"... let us in all humility take our place among the imperfect, 
and look upon ourselves as little souls 
who at every instant 
need to be upheld by the goodness of God."
- Saint Therese of the Child Jesus in The Story of a Soul 

Praying for
~ The sick, that true healing may be granted them. 
~ The hungry, that they may be nourished fully and richly.
~ The lonely, that joy may visit them and stay for good.
~ Those who see little reason for living, that they may continually wish to live another day. 
~ Those who have nobody to pray for them.
The Pope's prayer intentions for the month of January, as entrusted to the Apostleship of Prayer:
"Economic development. That all may promote authentic economic development that respects the dignity of peoples.

Christian unity. That Christians of diverse denominations may walk toward the unity desired by Christ."

Liturgical Living
I feel prompted to review some readings and reflections of the Christmas Season and tuck them 
tight in my heart, as we approach Ordinary Time. 

In the School Front

For my homeshoolers: We are still settling back (settling in will, hopefully, come later :-)) to our lessons. I'm making Youngest Daughter do math and English grammar because the teacher in me gets upset if we lag in those subjects. Second Daughter is carrying on by herself for now. We need to do a "reality check" together. That's our term for a mom-and-daughter meeting to peg exactly where we are in the course plans, list down unfinished requirements (ouch), and plan how we can work faster (ouch, ouch). Both are plodding on with Kumon Math to please their mom.  

For my "regular schoolers": I have yet to ask Only Son how the first week of the year is coming along for him (tsk, tsk...). I noticed this morning that his white uniform needs a good soaking, which I should have done over the Christmas break :-( I hardly do anything for Eldest Daughter's schooling anymore, except to remind Husband when the next tuition fee payment is due, buy her clothes, and make sure that she is eating well. I am sooo grateful that she attends a university close to where we live, allowing her to still stay with us (she doesn't complain; nothing beats hot meals and clean clothes when you need them, courtesy of mom).  

Around the House
Only the Nativity set remain "on display". First in, last out, as it should be. 

In the Kitchen
Leftovers, reheated or refashioned.

Some small table napkins for use when serving snacks. Each napkin is about six inches square. How's that for petite...
They were uniformly sized fabric scraps, which I was surprised to find in one of the stores that I frequent. The edges are sewn with overlock stitches; I am crocheting over the edges to give them a more finished look. Just blanket and chain stitches; I haven't crocheted in a very long time! 

Reading (or maybe not)
I made a quick survey of the books that I had meant to read in 2013 but... did not. Yikes!

Wandering Around the Web
The Abundance of Slowness by Matt Steel (on smart work)
Make Your Own Cloth Napkins by Skip to My Lou (that's standard-sized napkins, my next sewing project, hopefully :-)) 

This is an odd photo to share at the beginning of a new year, and it is actually two-month old photo, but look what I found lurking at the back of a closet.


  1. Love the quote from St. Therese. I have an large pile of books I should have read in 2013 but did not. They have become my books to read in 2014!

  2. Same here! I hope NOT to read them in 2015 :-)

  3. Lovely Daybook Marcia. Happy New Year!!

    1. Happy New Year, too, Jenny -- to you and yours! Looking forward to a lovely year of sharing and encouraging with the ladies of Plain Grace!

  4. Marcia, A very Happy New Year !.Oh, I remember when I was homeschooling how I had planned things a certain way otherwise 'the teacher in me got upset' LOL
    Your prayer list is so beautiful..reveals a merciful heart.
    Blessings always +

    1. Thank you for visiting, Caroline! I do have to relax and ask my children at times to contribute to the planning; I have to admit that when they join in the planning, the implementation is somewhat easier :-)

      Thank you, too, for joining my prayers.

      Have a good week!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! I come away from your blog with lots to think about myself. Let's keep in touch.

  6. I linked to your blog today and wanted to let you know. I nominated your beautiful blog for the Sunshine Award! Please do not feel under any obligation to "accept" it, it is just for fun and not everyone's cup of tea. I enjoy reading your blog very much. :)

    1. Gosh, Gloria, thank you very much!! It's such an affirmation and a reminder to use blogging as a means to edify other people.

      Blessings and graces to you and yours... happy weekend :-)


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