At Midweek

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For reasons that I have blogged about, my Sundays and Mondays can be potentially anxious days, although I try to make weekends how they should be. In particular, I try to make my Sundays days of rest and renewal.

Let me now tell you something about Wednesday.

Wednesday is a tricky day. Aside from the fact that it is the day of the week whose name I learned to spell last, Wednesday is positioned precariously in the middle of the week.

For me, there are a couple of implications.

First, if I did not do enough during the earlier part of the week, I tend to, well, sort of give up on the rest week. In other words, I do not exert much effort to catch up and just drift along the rest of the week, making the resolve (sometimes lamely) to do better the following week. This is the overwhelmed mode.

Second, if I did do well enough on the early part of the week, I tend to, well, feel smug and progressively relax until the end of the week. This is the lazy-come-lately mode.

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So, in practical terms, my effort levels dip around midweek. Not good at all.

Whichever mode I am in, with all that is (rightly) expected of me, I have to come to terms with this midweek nuisance.

Yesterday, I wrote down a list. I called it "Saint Francis Necessaries", as inspired by the advice of this very spiritual but practical guy (he was the son of a merchant, after all):

On any given day, the Saint Francis Necessaries list will contain chores that directly contribute to basic household survival; you know, cooking, cleaning, lessons, and the like. Yesterday, in addition, the list contained urgent errands for Husband and Eldest Daughter and assembling planner sheets for the homeschool.  

I have to remind myself that my Saint Francis list should not be overly ambitious, although it would also be good to practice mortification. So there is that delicate balance between willingness to offer up and sacrifice on one hand, and pride on the other. 

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Outside of the the Saint Francis Necessaries list, there can be other to-do's, like calling my mom to catch up, arranging the bookshelves, or cleaning the oven. They are the "possibles".  

If I can only manage the Saint Francis list at the end of the day, my heart would be grateful and I can muster perseverance for the possibles.

If I can manage the possibles as well, things would be looking up and I must be gaining a more giving and braver heart. 

That's when I the impossibles will pleasantly surprise me. 


  1. Yep; keep it simpler than you think you should, and you're likely to come through with your peace intact.

  2. Ha-ha. I still sound out (very slowly) "Wed nes day" when spelling it!
    And I often experience the 'overwhelmed mode' and bothersome 'lazy-come-lately-mode'...the 'St. Francis Necessaries' sounds like the perfect antidote!!! It is so well thought out with its 'delicate balance' - HOW TRUE!

    Marcia, I just love the way you think and are able to put it in writing! God bless and have a peaceful and pleasant St. Francis kind of day...


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