Be Careful what You Wish for

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Did you ever wish for a life without laundry chores?

I guess I would feel like a queen for a day...

... then I would start having nightmares of hampers and washing machines running after me, clotheslines tripping and esnaring me, clothes pegs biting my ankles, and laundry powder -- well, who knows what laundry powder can do?

I think I'll go tackle the wash. 

Quiet and predictable suit me.


  1. What a nightmare. Guess what I'm doing today?!

  2. Yes, the satisfaction from doing those predictable and quiet tasks is really worth the effort, for sure. And especially if you don't want nightmares!

  3. Yes! But then I would scale Mt. Washmore.... which would be never-ending.
    I do laundry twice weekly. Lots of clothes get hung to dry. Then the second day I fold. Which really means half the week I am doing laundry. But - it is way better than running naked - THIS the world does NOT want to see. HA!


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