My Week

Moments of Gratitude

I am thankful for 

~ running water,
~ electricity,
~ phones and Internet connection,
~ our car,
~ public transport, when Husband cannot drive for me, and
~ other modern-day amenities that I take for granted.

Pondering on 

~ how little I actually need,
~ how much more I want, and
~ how the difference can matter a lot to other people. 

Praying for

my husband and children, and the rest of my family,
my friends and their intentions, 
the sick, the abandoned, and the lonely, and 
~ those who have nobody to pray for them.

Liturgical Living

Can you believe that it will soon be Lent? Yesterday at Sunday Mass, we were reminded to bring our dried-out palms from last year to the parish office, for use this coming Ash Wednesday (March 5).

I was looking for a book this morning, and instead, chanced on The Gospel Day by Day Through Lent, by Brian Moore, S.J. (St. Paul Publications, Homebush, NSW, Australia; 1988). 

Part of the book's Introduction (page 11) reminds the reader:

"In the Old Testament, sprinkling oneself with ashes or sitting in them or, even, eating them was symbolic of an acute awareness of one's own mortality, the transitoriness of life,of mourning, and of repentance. Such, too, is their liturgical significance, as is evident from the alternative formulas employed as the ashes are imposed: 
"Repent and believe in the Good News.
Remember, man, that you are dust and unto dust you will return.
"But we bow our heads to receive these cold grey ashes at the beginning of Lent only with a view to warming ourselves at the bright Easter fire at its end."

Lent, therefore, has a reason. Its name is Easter.

In the School Front

Faithfulness to the weekly plans, to the here and now, to the task at hand! This is for both the homeschoolers AND their teacher-mom! 

Around the House

This week, I am telling myself that if, at the end of the day, 
the state of affairs around the house is less than satisfactory 
I can honestly say 
~ that I have been the diligent homemaker all day, and 
~ everyone is reasonably happy,
I would still deserve a good night's sleep!

In the Kitchen

No clear plans yet, but I'd really like to finish off what's in the pantry and freezer before I re-stock. (The exception is fruits and vegetables, which I buy as needed.)


I must have played around too much with the camera because I cannot seem to take a reasonably clear photo. 

Instead, I leave you with these emoticons:

:-)  ;-)
:-)  ;-)
:-)  ;-) 


  1. HA!! That happens to my camera, too. I start fiddling with dials and knobs and before I know it, nothing but blur! Thank goodness it has a "Return Everything To Normal" button!

  2. HAHAHA what did you do to the camera?
    Try resetting it!

    I love your post. I do that sometimes... Pantry Challenge.... which is where I challenge myself to use what we have.
    Great for the budget.

    Blessings Dear.
    Praying for you and your intentions.

    1. This is embarrassing, Angela and Em, but I didn't even know I could reset the camera! Thanks very much for that! I should be posting a picture in my next daybook :-)

    2. Do not be embarrassed. I'm sure someone had to tell me.
      This is how I learn!

  3. I love your ponderings. Something we should all consider more I think.

    1. Thank you, Jenny; I am grateful for the bonds that we manage to keep across cyberspace. Have a good rest-of-the-week!

  4. You, mom, deserve a good nights sleep!

    Do all cameras have this 'return to normal' setting? They need to put that one in big print!

    Your moments of Gratitude...yes!


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